(14/30) UMI

Day 14 in the NaPoWriMo house...

Lots of small irritations contributed to this one - not quite as dark as yesterday's offering but still not in a great place. I seem to be drawing from a well of relationship-type ones that bear no real 'relationship' to the actual poor status of my love life. Oh well.

Note: 'Umi' is the Japanese word for 'sea' (but also contextually translatable as 'beach' in some animes). UMI is also an acronym for Unnatural Mental Influence in a certain company's roleplaying games (Yes, I am a geek :D)

Compromise 4/5


I will be steadfast, a rock,
a solid beachhead breaker
splitting the waves of your grief
as they pound tremulously
and incessantly
against my stony shores.
These shoulders cannot bear you home,
or take your whispered burdens
any more, my love.

Think not your gaze, those starlit orbs,
as limpid pools of aqua regia since
my sterner steel was what attracted you
and will save my heart
as it pumps those once-honey-now-saccharine words
with their binding curves
from my system.
Like flushing poison
where once you were my antidote
against the ills of storm-tossed fortune.

Though the salt-filled surf of my invective
stings not enough to wash away
the anaesthesia your actions brought about
I can’t relent, I simply can’t.
Your rough magics I must here abjure;
turn you away into the elemental night
of my affections.
Please. My answer must stand.
This mental influence you’re exerting
is quite obviously unnatural and I have
willpower enough to resist. I hope.
What you did I could forgive
but there’s no way to forget
the principle,
once we’re down the road to compromise.

So for both of our sakes, let’s part these seas
and our company – we both need to seek fairer climes.