(12/30) Middling Through

Not much to say about this one really apart from it's one of the very few relationship-type ones I've written that doesn't have a sense of quiet desperation or despair behind it... maybe.

Compromise 2/5

Middling Through

It started at dinner on the very first date
I said six, he said nine, and we met up at eight.
For the wine, I wanted rioja, he chardonnay
So what we ended up with was a pleasant rosé.
Since we both insisted on paying, we kinda decided
That the bill was going to have to be equally divided.

For our second time out, I suggested theatre
You picked a nightclub and the cinema was better.
Usually you’d have a hotdog and it’d be an ice cream I’d get
But that night, in the popcorn, our questing hands met.
For our first holiday, on Las Vegas you gambled,
I much prefer idylls, so through Barcelona we rambled.

Moving in was a choice between your flat in Chelsea,
And my house in Epping, so we settled in Zone 3.
When you popped the question, said, “Wouldn’t ASAP be fun?!”
I said, “I’d have rather it were two years but how about we do it in one.”
You wanted to blaze my answer all over Facebook;
I wanted a far more low-key approach took.

But first we went to tell our parents the truth about us.