Look East

This was written for Utter!East in October at the Museum of London (Docklands), and hastily put together on the train back from Camberley after an audit. Some people say it contains references to certain game but I can't see it myself...

Look East

You say you came out east
          Seeking an adventure
In the forests and unknown lands
Myriad temples to gods of all sizes
Where the lure was of a different kind of dragon.
Here they be.

You say you came out east
          To find yourself
Amongst the enlightened souls
Tuned into the essence of the world
And far from the safety of your blessèd isle.
Here they be.

You say you came out east
          In search of potent eastern promise
Looking to build on mystery,
Of minds opened by narcotics,
Of stories in the shadowlands of myth.
You found me.

You say you came out east
          Looking for enchantment
By the tale of a maiden of secrets
Who stared into the well and brought forth peace.
Whose dowry for a daughter went unclaimed.
And you found me.

As we lay together, thick twixt wood and sap,
I listened to you gasp,
Why you came out east

And now you’ve spent your heart’s embrace
You’ll give your peace a mouth.
As you’ve had your say, now I’ll have yours
You prattling, naïve fool.

And you cannot say why you came out east.
Silent contemplation.
My eastern promise to you.



Technically this should go in the Exalted section, but we'll let you off ;-)

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