Litany Against Monday

This was written last week after a particularly bad start to the week. This week started off in much the same vein. *sigh*

Litany Against Monday
Didn’t shave, the shower’s cold;
Stupid boiler. Or pipes. Plumbing in general.
This tube’s slow, missed the train and the next one was late.
My brain is full of cotton wool and the fog of winter’s blessings.
No bloody paracetamol, no bloody ibuprofen,
Just bloody thumping against the blood brain barrier
And empty cartons laughing at me.
Here’s my sample catalogue for the new working week.
Care to take your pick? Buy one, get all free.

I must not fear.
Though that’s hardly the emotion coursing through me right now.
Monday is the mind-killer.
Monday is the little-death that brings total drudgery,
Somnolence and seething rage to the melting pot.
I will face my Monday.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
An arrow of grey that pierces pure reason and rational thought.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner yawn to see its path.
Where the Monday has gone there will be nothing.
Only Tuesday will remain.