Hybrid Dreams

This was written at 1am as I was struggling to think of the poem I actually wanted to write, and came across a list of the Top 25 Science Fiction Films (apparently). And then I thought it would be a great idea to try and incorporate all 25 into one poem... and now there are 28-30 films plus 2 or 3 TV shows in there (depending on your interpretation) :p

This was performed at Utter!Film in November.

Hybrid Dreams

I stalk the darkly ever-shifting streets of Nod
Peopled with the journalism of my day
Psycho-celluloid projections of the minority reporting from the subconscious.

I dream of a science-fiction double feature
Not from far-off Transylvania but closer to home and yet it’s not.

My dream…
Of being amongst the high-rise spires,
Lost in wonder and trying to lose
The wondrous creature of a blinded doctor
All patchwork flesh and burning torches
Set for nervous first contact in Lincoln Park
Despite our own mission to the lost of Altair IV.

I dream…
Of a world with people devoid of emotion
Who have learned not to worry of Armageddon
Since the monolith and the stars above
Are broadcasting Mozart to calm what nerves remain
Of those who fled on sleeper ships to a galaxy far, far away.

I fear…
That I might be the incubator on this station,
A rebel buried in ice on the fringe of order
Hunting them down so they repli-can’t
As I dream of electric sheep. Escape and escapism is the Thing
We struggle against the stifling satellite to terminate darkness,
And draw romance from the whimsy of dystopia.
They came from inside. Again!

I dream…
Of giant insects with mixed up genetics
Heading into space and into the depths.
Where pressure builds up and rattles the mind.
The monkeys are in the asylum
In an effort to prove that the background noise
Is more than just a backdrop of computer code,
It’s something trying to get through.

Now I laze on a river tamely
Pulled by currents sidereal and calm
Like a firefly on a summer night.
As I drift past a scarlet mining ship
Where a Cylon offers me a bagel.

This repeats every 28 days for 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds.