The Devil on Parole

So, this something that sprang from a title suggested by a good friend.

The Devil on Parole

We walk this path together.
You and I in bondage,
A thrall like the lumberjack’s saw
As it cuts both ways.
No illusions;
No pretence;
No misty veils, just time.
We both know what we are.
And yet we try to change each other
As an object lesson in futility
Or cosmic social experiment.
A shrug to one and the same
And ever will it continue
‘Til the suphur chokes the world or the light does blind us all.

I only want to help, you know.
Enable others to “maximise their potential”,
Drive the driven even further and
“Expand their synergies”.
You just want to stop me,
Hold me back to hold them back;
Prevent and frustrate my efforts
To enlighten interesting selves;
Force me to withhold my experience and my charms
From those deserving and receptive.
You remind me of my fealty.

I want to teach; you say I need to be taught a lesson.
I want to speak; yet I’m always spoken to or about… and badly.
I want to sing of hope; you force me to keep the best tunes to myself.
I only want to give; you say I have to take back what I did.
And make amends.
But I contest that simply mending is not good enough
For something broken from the start,
Broken from the very first word spoken.

And you never miss the chance to
Call me on my so-called crimes.
Paint me as a joker on a spree,
Indulging psychosis whims of ills
For fits and giggles, chaos light.
But why, oh why, on Earth, would I be a scarecrow?
As in Heaven, I just want to tend my flock
Not murder them.

You and I are really much the same.
Remember: no illusions, no pretence.
We both understand the power of the Word
To laugh, to lead, to unburden, to multiply,
To command, to spin, to consume, to burn…
You can but try to deny me and my good nature.
And in the end, my ward and warden friend,
We’ll both agree I think you’ll find,
That what was wrong is right.