Casino Royale

Another one written for Utter! Sexuality in May 2010, I was really pleased this one seemed to go down well.

Nudging, pulling, tilting, sliding,
Cosying on up in our mutual siding;
Tipping your hand, the angle just right,
Tipping your hand, ‘cross not velvet,
But the baize, with its stack of chips
For another chance to stick or twist
Or just hold it steady and not bust too early;
For another diamond to make that royal flush
Or guarantee some luck with a pair tonight;
For another spin of the roulette wheel:
Wheels in motion; wheels of fortune;
Wheels that mill and grind
‘Til all are done and ‘til all are won and ‘til all is one.

Round and round the continuum we go
Where Nature will stop, nobody knows,
Tick… tick… tick… then flick the protein switch
Though it’s rarely jammed in one position,
So the bassist of the universe can run her plectrum
Up and down the spectrum of sexuality.
Fluid and flowing from one label to the next
On a wheel that’s queer, yet the cast is straight,
The ball it spins and spins and spins
Hopping and scuttling from red to black and on again
Retro and omni, homo, hetero, metro and bi,
Intersex, celibacy or maybe even hentai,
Dalliance in furreality or fantasy of the xenosexual.
And the asexuality of a gender neutral
Is on double zero green.

Fusty beards in overstuffed chairs will pontificate
On homogeny propagated in heterodynamics;
But when it really comes down to it,
We… just wanna have fun now…
Girls - and boys and others - just wanna have fun.