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Battlestar Galactica S1 E6 – Realism vs Consistency

Another great episode, this show is like one big reward for me watching it

Scrubs S7 E10 – Forgot to bring the funny

This episode seemed a lot more surreal than normal

Battlestar Galactica S1 E5 – What’s in a name?

Since BSG started as a miniseries there seems to be some confusion about the episode numbering scheme

Battlestar Galactica S1 E1 – 3 Hours of Awesome

I think I may have been recommended the new BSG about a thousand times by 50 different people


So I've noticed how I'm not really updating this blog very often

Scrubs S7 E9 - Nostalgia

Finally an episode that reasserts why I watch scrubs in the first place

30 Rock S2 E13 - Stengths and Weaknesses

You wait a whole week for a 30 Rock post and then three come along at once

30 Rock S2 E12 - More reasons to watch

Yet another reason for 30 Rock’s awesomeness was shown in this show

30 Rock S2 E11 - More comic genius

Another creation of comic genius is a big part of this episode

30 Rock S2 E10 – Laugh Out Loud

I thought 30 Rock had only just returned after the strike, but it turned out

Scrubs S7 E8 – Man and Ego-man

It took me so long to sort out the problems with my computer

Scrubs S7 E7 - After the strike

So for no particular reason it seems Scrubs

Lost S4 E8 - No longer the finale

So I just watched Lost 408. I’ve really been enjoying season 4 in general

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