When you're a member a lot more options will open up to you. The amount of options will vary. Someone who doesn't have an account or isn't logged in can see the content but can't do anything else.

When you first sign up you will be able to comment on any content, but you'll have to wait for your comments to be approved by an administrator. However, pretty soon (or through any sneaky tricks like knowing the administrators in the real world) your account will quickly be upgraded so you can comment freely on anything on the site and use the forums.

Members who we trust will be upgraded again and get access to all the other features of the site - mostly that they can post their own content. There's a guide to how to do that and some things to bear in mind here, please do check it out before you post anything.

Please feel free to look around the site and see what you can find. We appreciate contributions and welcome feedback on the site as well. If you want to start adding content - please just check with an admin first, at least for now, so we can suggest where best to put it.

The other exciting things you can do as a member is provide some info about yourself and customise how the site looks to you. If you check out the 'My Account' link - which you should find in the menu to the left - you will see your profile. If you click the Edit link at the top then you can begin to change things.

The first thing you can adjust is your email address. It's a good idea to have one that works and that you check, you can get email alerts sent to this address when you receive private messages, when pages you have subscribed to change or when you want to request a new password. You can also change your password here, which is a good idea if you are new to the site or have just reset it. You can also add an avatar pic here; these can't be very big - note the guidelines.

Lower on this page you can adjust the look of the site, and adjust some of the items you see alongside the site's main content. Most of the tick boxes are pretty self-explanatory (we hope!) - try adding them to see happens and whether they're useful to you. The last check box allows you to control whether people can email you through the website. They won't see your email address, but they can fill out a message that will go to the email address you have provided. We also have a private messaging system, which can be accessed through the "Messages" link in the left-hand sidebar. In general we recommend users don't have a personal contact form, and instead use the private messaging system to send personal communication. (As mentioned above, you can configure this to notify you by email.)

There are also additional tabs you can access at the top of this page and start to fill in some information about yourself. Everything here is totally optional, but check out the profiles of Blackrat and Brave Sir Robin to see the kind of thing that you might want to tell other people on the site about yourself.