Site Guide

Don't Panic!

This is the Worlds Within Worlds (WwW) site guidebook. Much of the content here is aimed at community members, but there are some things which might be of use to any visitor on the site.

Site Structure

There's two main divisions on the site, Publications and Community. You can find most of the relevant links on the sidebar to the right.


This is where we put up material that has been written by WwW members for use by any roleplayer visiting the site. The roleplay systems and settings we are slowly writing can be found here, along with any more general articles about roleplaying games.
We also have here some adventures we've written (in theory) and some characters we've created. Basically anything that you could use in your own roleplaying game can be found here.


This section is where we put stuff that we use to interact as a community. Much of it is taken up by campaigns run by WwW members, as all that can be found here (assuming they've decided to put it up). You'll find both in and out of character stuff for those campaigns here.
This section also features our forums, for both roleplaying and other conversations, as well as any blogs that are hosted here, and profiles for our users . (If you've signed up why not fill out yours?)
Finally the WwW Blood Bowl League and information relevant to that can also be found in the community section.


Even before signing up you can browse most of the stuff on the site, but if you want to comment on anything, join in on the forums or post your own content you will need to sign up. You can do that on our Join Page.

The site is still being developed so you'll probably be able to find new stuff turning up all the time. Check out the rest of the site guide below if you've already signed up for an account. Start with the new members page.

There are four people behind WwW, if there's anything you need from them you can get in touch with Blackrat, Brave Sir Robin, Learned Hand or Oneiros. If your query is technical in nature your best bet is probably Blackrat, for legal stuff then try Oneiros.