An Abyssal play of peril, in which the pernicious protagonists pitilessly plot the perishing of a prodigious pastoral populous.

Pyramid Mansions

Thank you very much for your interest in attending the FIRST pre-Calibration tour of Pyramid Mansions:
An Historical Celestial Manse and Ancient Home of Viziers.

This architectural wonder stood for so many centuries that it is totally unique and holds many secrets.

Yet, even with mosaics covering the walls fit to stop any god in its tracks and with manuscripts from some of the greatest minds of all time just sitting on bookshelves, this remains a seat of practicality and use. Now, for the first time, it will be possible to enjoy a guided tour around this manse, constructed by the notable architect Swan Song, Chosen of the Jupiter, and Ambitious Rose, during the glorious First Age.

An exhibition of some of their original sketches and plans will be available, as will the famous Pyramid Wall, depicting the heavenly pyramid of strength and duty. Marvel at the shimmering crystal pillers, visit the naval court - where Skipping Sparrow first set eyes on the warrior Transha - and even negotiate the devious garden maze inside the new training workshops that are bringing hope to so many destitute gods.

Some special guests may choose to stay late for a heavenly banquet, a chance to mingle and to see the story of the single exaltation, that dwelt here through three sidereal reincarnations, played out by beautiful nymphs and mermen.

Entrance is a thimble of quintessence, entry to the late showing and performance is three bits of ambrosia.

Ennico Sorrel

Ennico is a Chosen of Endings from Oneiros' campaign 'S:PI'. He is currently at his wits' end with Yu-Shan's backstabbing politics that almost got him killed in the last investigation.

Herla Anthurung

Herla is a Full Moon Lunar from BSR's campaign 'Golden Opportunity'. She lives to protect those who cannot protect themselves, help the helpless, and steal skyships from the Realm, who she hates.

The Serenity Calibration Opera

The Fallen City

A Three Day Opera and a Tale of Immortal Sorrow by Spinning Pyramid


Derenn'ai is my character in Oneiros' DnD Planescape campaign PCT.

Chaotic Good
Male lightning genasi (elf)
Scout 4 / Warmage 6 / Stormcaster 4
41 year-old Prime from Evermeet, Faerûn

An Opportunity For Some Integration of Disenfranchised Gods

Pyramid Marketing

A Proposal

Ledaal Takezo, Chosen of Saturn

Takezo is my character in the S:PI campaign. He dresses in a simple Gi almost all the time, he is tall and slim with good muscle tone and has his long thin white hair in a pony-tail down his back. He keeps his katana peace bonded when operating in Yu-Shan or the more civilised areas of creation.

Chosen of Endings

"Suzie", Harbinger of the Pride

"Suzie" is an Abyssal exalt in JD's one-off Penitence, looking to spread the word of her Dark Master...

Azir Lerayn, Royal Physician of Tredamin

Dr Azir Lerayn is a Solar exalt in BSR's chronicle Golden Opportunity, looking to build his resources in pursuit of his ultimate curative...

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