Malice - Moonshadow Bureaucrat from Hell

Moonshadow Caste
1. Nature
Motivation: To subvert as many people in the southern state as possible.
Intimacies: Hatred of the Realm, Hatred of Dragon Bloods, Hatred of Solars, Hatred of benign governments
2. Attributes
Strength 2 Charisma 1 Perception 4
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 5 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 5 Wits 4
3. Abilities
Archery Integrity 3 Craft

Case 3 - Interludes

Interlude 1 [A = Tachi-Kun, B = Mendaxana]
Tap. Tap. Tap.

Case 4: Mission Profile

Another day, another coin of quintessence. It has been about five or six weeks since you turned over your findings to the censors and learnt of the effective dissolution of the League of Stalwart Seasons.

The Reaper Cloaked in Oblivion's Shadow

Reaper is a character created for JohanDenerad's campaign Penitence. He is something of a Dusk Caste/Day Caste hybrid, at home as a general, a lone warrior or an assassin.


Dusk Caste servant of The First and Forsaken Lion


Motivation: To destroy the armies of every southern state.

Red Terror

Red Terror are coached by Lobey Dosser. Their stadium is The Skulldrome of Terror. They are in the Eastern Conference.

League Table

# Team Pld W D L TD for TD agn TD dif Cas for Cas agn Cas dif Points
1 Revengers' Tragedy 6 4 0 2

Surreal Madrid

Surreal Madrid are coached by Aaron. Their stadium is The Burn-a-Bow. They are in the Eastern Conference.

Divisible Primes

The Divisble Primes are an Eastern Conference team based at Primus. They are coached by Learned Hand.

Red Dawn

Red Dawn is a Chosen of Battles currently assigned to the S/PI/007 task force. He is currently on a break from this assignment and therefore, rather than getting to shine a light on the inherent corruption of factional politics, he is spending his time trying to survive the suicidal missions on which his faction-led division send him.

Revengers' Tragedy

Revengers' Tragedy are coached by Brave Sir Robin. Their stadium is Boca del Infierno. They are in the Eastern Conference.

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