James Brennan

James Brennan (played by Colin Farrel) is a young, successful surgeon at Charing Cross Hospital in London. He's been a high-flyer for many years, and one of the foremost success stories of the University of Dublin medical school. He has become a world authority on prosthetic limb replacement, and the integration of robotics technology.

Look East

This was written for Utter!East in October at the Museum of London (Docklands), and hastily put together on the train back from Camberley after an audit. Some people say it contains references to certain game but I can't see it myself...

Hybrid Dreams

This was written at 1am as I was struggling to think of the poem I actually wanted to write, and came across a list of the Top 25 Science Fiction Films (apparently). And then I thought it would be a great idea to try and incorporate all 25 into one poem... and now there are 28-30 films plus 2 or 3 TV shows in there (depending on your interpretation) :p


This was written for Utter!Evolution to celebrate the 150th anniversary of On the Origin of Species but not performed until Utter!Film in November.

Musings of an East London Geek

More non-RP stuff on this site! I know, I'm as shocked as you are :)

Anyway, here's where I shall be posting the various musings this East London geek has come up with (who's just trying to make his way in a diceless world), some of which get read occasionally at open mic evenings.

Courts of Conflict

Courts of Conflict is a system written by Oneiros and is a work-in-progress to develop a diceless RP system where the focus is on interpersonal relationships and how people and groups work together (or against each other) in order to accomplish their goals.


Ijurizhen is a No Moon Lunar for Blackrat's forthcoming game...

Unblemished Snow

Snow has been called a rake, a cad, a scoundrel and, once, a swashbuckler. He is less well known as one of Lunar's chosen, and a promising addition to The Winding Path. His mentor hopes that this latest assignment, with its more temperate companions and the explicit need for subtlety, will help him to resist the temptation to cuckold the rich and famous long enough to deliver on said promise.

Aarian Windwalker

Aarian is a full moon lunar created for Blackrat's Dead of Night series. He is a full moon, but much less combat heavy than a lot of his castemates. He is used as a messenger, with skills in espionage and counter-espionage his specialties. He is young and inexperienced at the moment, but eager to serve his mentor and aid his friends.

Dead of Night: The Moon in Darkness

You common people of the skies,
What are you when the moon shall rise?

Henry Wotton, "On His Mistress, the Queen of Bohemia".

A short Lunars series to be run in the not-too-distant future by Blackrat. Focussing on secrets and mystery, the characters find themselves at the centre of The Winding Path's most secretive plot yet...

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