Gre'chen Hirensdottir

Gre'chen is a specialist diagnostics and repair technician and junior medic assigned to the crew.

Dwayne Jadestone

Son of a God of Minerals
Motivation: For things to run smoothly.

Jian Tsu Ironhand

Jian Tsu spent the majority of his life in the Scavenger Lands, making a living by designing and constructing a variety of aqeducts, force pumps, water wheels and various custom hydraulic systems. His natural talents ensured his success and he was sought throughout the East.

The Accident changed most of that. Thanks to his divine connections, his mangled arm and lost eye could be replaced and even upgraded. However, no amount of craft could undo the harm to Jian's reputation, or the burden of those lives on his conscience. Work began to dry up and Jian started to drink his fortune away. Once a gregarious and popular artisan, Jian grew increasingly taciturn and insular.

The opportunity to join the crew of the ship, working in the engine room provided Jian with a new lease on life. Although he is approaching his twilight years, Jian remains in excellent physical condition, and his experience has made him a source of obscure information. He remains uncommunicative, broody and occasionally prickly but he's very good at his job, and has earned the respect of the people he works with.

Push and Shove

Bit of weird little drabble this, originally submitted to Fuselit on their theme of 'Jack' but, unfortunately, not quite what they were looking for. It deals with what might be called a dysfunctional relationship :)

Litany Against Monday

This was written last week after a particularly bad start to the week. This week started off in much the same vein. *sigh*

My 2 Ps: plot-led and player-led tabletop campaigns

Back in the good old days, when everything could be boiled down to a nice dichotomy, we used to argue about whether roleplaying campaigns should be plot-led or player led. What exactly did we mean by that?

Kieran Ward

Kieran Ward (played by Cillian Murphy) is a young and competent landscape gardener who supplements his day job with night work at artsy bars and cafes to make ends meet. This also allows him to indulge his passion for writing poetry which he performs from time to time to reasonable reception. But his work has been taking a stranger turn of late and he finds himself in London as he tries to figure out what to do with his life. His past is a bit of a blank and having grown up in both Ireland and Boston, he often thinks of himself as a bit of a misfit wherever he goes...

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson
Scion of Odin
Moderately annoyed cabbie

Caitlin Moyles

Caitlin Moyles, played by Drew Barrymore, is a surprisingly good looking and eternally cheeful mortary assistant. She's 'kissed the Blarney Stone' and charms everyone with her easy good humour. Although she's capable to putting on the blether she's still a 'Susan' at heart - someone that people feel they can trust. Indeed, her large store of levelheadedness, willpower and common sense has got her friends out of more trouble than she takes credit for. Having been raised in a large Irish Catholic family with 4 brothers, she can handle her drink and handle herself in a fight, whether it's a fist fight or a steely battle of wills with the new lab technician. She might seem to be always loud and laughing, but that's only because if she doesn't want you to know she's there, then you won't. Some might say she should have been a nurse, but she knows her true place is as a final friend of the dead.

A Mother's Lament

This was a kinda last minute entry for Utter!Prime Numbers - I hadn't been expecting to perform but Richard had a last minute drop out so I came up with this - the challenge being to write a poem based on a certain prime number, mine being '41'.

On the basis that 41 is the atomic number of the element niobium, I decided to do a piece on the tragedy of Niobe from Greek myth, daughter of Tantalus who was turned to a weeping stone statue for insulting a goddess. Full details of the myth can be found at the Encyclopedia Mythica.

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