(7/30) Daydreams

Some musings following a train journey spent staring out the window from London to York last week.

Legendary 2/5


Where the blue sky of contentment
Meets the sea of same ol’, same ol’
In the horizon’s a sliver of regret.
And when the peace of twilight hits
The fields of golden grain or seed
There grow shadows of what may have been.

(6/30) Criminally Ancient

Somewhat strange esoterica tonight to kick off the first of a new theme, thanks to BraveSirRobin. I like the idea but probably needs a little more refining...

Legendary 1/5

Criminally Ancient

I close my lids
Plump the pillow,
Slip softly into slumber
And prowl paths long past.

Tonight I am a vandal
Looking to launch my legend
Working on wishful wonders

(5/30) Lament of the Unseen Labourer

Okay, here's #5 and the last of my set on 'Falling'. Have to say, much to my chagrin, this was only the second thing that came to me when pondering the theme (the first being the 'pun' in the first poem). Anyway, to childhood game pretty much everyone has memories of...

(4/30) Fall / Falling / Fallen

Bit of weird conceit on this one, hope it actually reads as well as it does in my head :-p

Falling 4/5

Fall / Falling / Fallen

By the wayside for so very long;
Flat on my face whenever I try;
Back when the new is too scary;
To indecision’s appealing inertia and
Under the tank tracks of life.

Asleep at the wheel of my fate;
Between the cracks of a Rubik’s cube;

NaPoWriMo 2011

April is National Poetry Writing Month, otherwise known as NaPoWriMo, which mirrors the concept of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November. Except, instead of having to write 50,000 words in a month (!!), the aim is to write and post one poem a day for the thirty days of April.

To make it somewhat more focussed for me, I've decided to break them down into batches of five, each vaguely around a theme.


This section covers the known and referenced lands encountered to date in OKS.

Of Kaleidoscopic Stratagems

In the Beginning…
Rock. Steel. Blackness and screaming. Reptilian shrieks and the flash of searing gold. The scent of
death. Dark deeds under starlight banners.

These are the impressions you get as you come to, rising from a slumber of indeterminate time. Your
minds is fuzzy.

Hang on… minds?!

Tsang Hai Zho

Tsang Hai Zho is a Solar character appearing in Onerios' Of Kaleidoscopic Strategems campaign.

Veiled Sage

Veiled Sage is a Sidereal character appearing in Oneiros' Of Kaleidoscopic Stratagems campaign.


Basic Info

Species: Wookiee
Born: 24 BBY on Kashyyyk (currently 33)
Gender: Male
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 360lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown
Skin: ?


"I'm game."
- Zaalbar, to numerous frustrated bookies

Zaalbar was a guerrilla soldier and crack pilot, who flew the infamous smuggling ship the Hidden Sun under the captaincy of Rufus Hokk. Hardened to conflict and danger at a young age, Zaalbar spent most of his time in and out of gunfights, dogfights and barfights. Trouble never really left his side; even in his later, wiser days he was involved in conflicts far and wide across the galaxy.

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