(17/30) Mornington Crescent

Given the theme, it was inevitable there'd be a Tube related one. And if you're going to do anything about the London transport network it might as well involve a certain game...

Arsenal 2/5

This one is dedicated to a Mrs Trellis of North Wales.

Note: Some moves have been shortened or omitted for poetic licence as they will be obvious to all but the most novice of players.

(16/30) I Have the Power

A vague sense of reminiscence for this one. Alternative title was going to be "Now We Are Six".

Arsenal 1/5

I Have the Power

“Board them and plunder, my bold and scurvy crew!”
I’m a captain on the high seas, swashbuckling away,
With good men and traitors made to walk planks by my cutlass true.
“So avast ye Navy sea dogs! Today’s the pirates’ day!”

(15/30) Professional Shame

Woo! Halfway there! Anyway, something more light-hearted than the previous few offerings to finish up the theme with.

Compromise 5/5

Professional Shame

Vive la difference is all well and good
When you keep to yourself and act like you should.
When adding some colour, most stay within
The lines we all draw; no advocate for sin.

Yet everyone has their little secrets

(14/30) UMI

Day 14 in the NaPoWriMo house...

Lots of small irritations contributed to this one - not quite as dark as yesterday's offering but still not in a great place. I seem to be drawing from a well of relationship-type ones that bear no real 'relationship' to the actual poor status of my love life. Oh well.

(12/30) Middling Through

Not much to say about this one really apart from it's one of the very few relationship-type ones I've written that doesn't have a sense of quiet desperation or despair behind it... maybe.

Compromise 2/5

Middling Through

It started at dinner on the very first date
I said six, he said nine, and we met up at eight.
For the wine, I wanted rioja, he chardonnay

(11/30) Conciliation

Just over a third of the way through now... and a short one to recover after the story-length of #10. I'll hold up my hand and say this is a bit of a cheat - since I've actually had this one knocking about for a little while (from my writing group) but it kinda fits the theme and I did some editing on it.

Compromise 1/5


Red rag to my charging bull

(10/30) Everything's in Order

Another one that got slightly out of hand and involved multiple late nights to knock it into some semblance of decency. Given how much I have written in the past on classical mythology I find it a little strange that more godly related stuff hasn't made it into a set involving legends. This one doesn't really change that but there are some more vague references.

(13/30) The Game

The dreaded thirteen... well, if you have triskadekaphobia that is. Thankfully I don't and I'm not sure that's something the poor chap in this piece will be worrying about either :-(

Compromise 3/5

The Game

The last message has been sent.
Last one from me now.
This radio's a lifeline
To those back at home
Who relied on information
For safety;
To me here abroad

(9/30) I

Another little piece dreamed up on the train, this time heading back from York to London.

Legendary 4/5


At the deep-seated altar of the soul
Is a plinth to sacrifice fears,
Transform altar to anvil
And beat down on temper,
Refine my deeds,
Wipe the slate clean,
Pile word upon tale
Like Pelion on Ossa.
To reach the very vault of the sky

(8/30) If I Raised to You a Monument

Another one which references the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - dunno why they seem to have become stuck in my head. Except where Criminally Ancient referred to them as they were, this one references where they are believed to be in the modern world.

Legendary 3/5

If I Raised to You a Monument

If I Raised to You a Monument

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