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Mission Statement

Worlds Within Worlds (WwW) is a website built by a community of gamers. Our goals for the site are twofold:

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Broken Covenant

Odd to be thinking of Xmas in July but the image just popped into my head...

Broken Covenant

There is nowhere to hide from the light
Of faeries – some twinkling free,
Some static against the evergreen;
Pinned like butterflies in momentary belief.
Incandescent reflection off baubles,
Off treetop star, off crisp and even silverware,
Off the shiny ribboned mysteries

IWD: In Woken Dream

For those who haven't noticed the social media outpourings, today (March 8th) is International Women's Day, flying the flag to highlight global efforts in the struggle for women's rights and safety. If you want to know more, Womankind is a good place to start and you can join their virtual march for equality around the world!

The Devil on Parole

So, this something that sprang from a title suggested by a good friend.

The Devil on Parole

We walk this path together.
You and I in bondage,
A thrall like the lumberjack’s saw
As it cuts both ways.
No illusions;
No pretence;
No misty veils, just time.
We both know what we are.
And yet we try to change each other
As an object lesson in futility

(30/30) The Better Question

After thirty days and numerous backlogs of writers block, it's finally done.

(29/30) Siblings

Okay so it's the Royal Wedding Day. Fair enough.

But more importantly there's the reason for writing this piece. Only one day from finishing NaPoWriMo and getting my sanity back!! (well, what little I had to start with anyway).

(28/30) A Day Well Spent

We're approaching the end of this project and this is one that I promised a while back to write and dedicate to a friend based on one of her really evocative Facebook statuses. Well, inspiration finally hit, so this is dedicated to @QOFE.

Oppose 3/5

A Day Well Spent

Open curtain
Stare at world
Notice many cracks
Rant and plot
Plan some more

(24/30) A Merry Misadventure

Back to a story longform for this one with a pleasant kind of folksy doggerel rhythm. Not sure if this could do with a couple of extra stanzas though...

Spurs 4/5

A Merry Misadventure

The shotgun in my back is suggesting rather strongly
That this is a path I’d wandered down somewhat wrongly.
It’s a steely kind of insistence at the curve of my lower back

(21/30) Onwards

Something small to mark the start of a new theme! Since I was doing 'arsenal' for the last one, it made sense that I followed with 'spurs'. So here's a paean to that bit of equine-goading metal.

Spurs 1/5


Jingle, jangle little star
Spiked and jagged's what you are.
Down below you tend to lie
To stop those who are wont to shy.

(20/30) The Gunners

Last one for the set and an actual football-related one! It's supposed to be both slightly irreverent and an homage to the notion of football as conflict and not just competition.

Arsenal 5/5

The Gunners

We march with banners flying free,
A rallying cry, our call to arms -
Red and white when we’re at home,
Black and yellow when on the road -

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