Creative Writing

This section is devoted to the non-RP creative output of the community, be it verse or prose in whatever form. Feel free to post any drabbles, pieces or works in progress you wish to share.


So I, uh, wrote a thing.

Musings of an East London Geek

More non-RP stuff on this site! I know, I'm as shocked as you are :)

Anyway, here's where I shall be posting the various musings this East London geek has come up with (who's just trying to make his way in a diceless world), some of which get read occasionally at open mic evenings.

The Case of the Honourable Traitor

To: Shroud of Mist, S/PI/007, Division of Secrets
From: Office IUE/SS/1312, Division of Secrets

We suspect a leak in the office of the All-Seeing Eye in The Lap is providing information to an EOF. You are directed to discover the source of the leak.

Profile: You are authorised to resolve the situation if feasible. If not, report as necessary and it will be resolved in due course. The Abbot of The Lap will be expecting you under the name Suriko Mesumi, and can provide accommodation and local information. The Eye will also be expecting you (“no gaps in Mela's scales”), but they believe you are merely stationed there on a separate investigation.

Reporting: We expect written reports to be submitted daily at the very least; these can be given to the Abbot, who knows how to pass them to us. Naturally, they should be sealed in the usual manner.

Estimated probability of deathknight presence: 36.6%
Estimated probability of hidden Solar presence: 30.6%
Estimated probability of demonic presence: 25.9%
Estimated probability of Fair Folk presence: 11.2%