A roleplay Character is the person (or creature) portrayed by a player in a roleplay game. It is the role they are playing!

Below is the full list of characters written by WwW contributors.

Odar Keth

Basic Info

Species: Zabrak
Born: 18 BBY on Iridonia (currently 28)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: None
Skin:Tan/Yellow, lightly tattooed


A long time ago (but still in this galaxy) Odar Keth was a successful computer programmer on his homeworld of Iridonia. He made a reasonable living reprogramming droids and writing small-scale software for household computers. As he learnt more and more about programming, he discovered a knack for slicing, and developed a small sideline business strictly outside of office hours. This lasted only until a smuggler lord who called himself Mormar the Magnificent hired him for a slicing job and then threatened to expose him. Knowing the harsh punishments he would face at the hands of the Zabrak court, Keth reluctantly agreed to join Mormar's crew as navigator and slicer.

Perfected Lotus, Sword of Heaven

Perfected Lotus is an archetypal wandering martial artist. He is a self-sufficient man, proficient in all forms of combat. He is both athletic and hardy, able to dodge blows, or simply absorb them with no apparent effect. Perfected Lotus is certainly striking in social situations, but he comes across to most as arrogant, unlikeable and stubborn. That said, he has been living on the Blessed Isle for his entire life, and has not failed to pick up the elegant and intricate systems of wordless expression so popular among the Dynasts. Although he is reasonably virtuous, few would describe him as a hero.

Red Dawn

Red Dawn is a Chosen of Battles currently assigned to the S/PI/007 task force. He is currently on a break from this assignment and therefore, rather than getting to shine a light on the inherent corruption of factional politics, he is spending his time trying to survive the suicidal missions on which his faction-led division send him.

Rufus Hokk

Basic Info

Shroud of Mist

Shroud of Mist is a Sidereal Exalt, Chosen of Secrets. He is independent of the Factions, preferring to do the job he was chosen for rather than waste his effort on a meaningless battle of bureaucratic wills. Although he is young, he has impressed several people within the Bureau of Destiny with his dedication and his ability to pull useful information out of the vaguest of circumstances.

Shroud of Mist - S:PI

Chosen of Secrets, Sidereal P.I.
Motivation: To Find Out Why.


[Serenity] Craft (Fate) 2; Dodge 1; Linguistics 2 (Low Realm + Old Realm, Flametongue); Performance 3 (+2 Prayer); Socialise 4 (+2 Gather Information)

Silent Lament of the Fallen Angel

Angel is a a classic loner. He has wandered creation on his own for a great deal of his life, and excels in self-sufficiency. He is an accomplished martial artist, athletic with sense and reflexes trained to the utmost. He is most at home in the wilderness, and when forced to seek human company tends to remain taciturn and brood silently in a corner.

Teresu Lief

Cocky pilot
Air Aspect

Strength 4 Charisma 4 Perception 3
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 2
Stamina 2 Appearance 3 Wits 5

The dew is shed in beauty, and roses bloom

This is my lunar character from Golden Opportunity. Mani (the local name for the moon deity) was born in a nomadic barbarian tribe in the South. She was apprenticed to the shaman and exalted knowing sorcery. She studies terrestrial spells using the Salinan working and, so far, has never used a sorcery book to teach herself. She has great faith in the strength of her pack as a group, but values her friend Wandered Lamb - an ex-Immaculate Air Aspect born in the Varangian city states - for someone to theorize with. She only wishes Herla could stand him.

The Reaper Cloaked in Oblivion's Shadow

Reaper is a character created for JohanDenerad's campaign Penitence. He is something of a Dusk Caste/Day Caste hybrid, at home as a general, a lone warrior or an assassin.


Dusk Caste servant of The First and Forsaken Lion


Motivation: To destroy the armies of every southern state.

Tsang Hai Zho

Tsang Hai Zho is a Solar character appearing in Onerios' Of Kaleidoscopic Strategems campaign.

Unblemished Snow

Snow has been called a rake, a cad, a scoundrel and, once, a swashbuckler. He is less well known as one of Lunar's chosen, and a promising addition to The Winding Path. His mentor hopes that this latest assignment, with its more temperate companions and the explicit need for subtlety, will help him to resist the temptation to cuckold the rich and famous long enough to deliver on said promise.

Veiled Sage

Veiled Sage is a Sidereal character appearing in Oneiros' Of Kaleidoscopic Stratagems campaign.


Vidar is an eclipse caste in Golden Opportunity. He is now the only known surviving member of the group of mortals that left The Realm to go exploring many moons ago. He owes his longevity to his mysterious disappearance soon after exaltation, which meant he was several hundred miles away when shit got real. He's recently been press-ganged back into action by Manus.

We have art in order not to die of the truth, Let the Pyramid Spin

This is my sidereal for the Exalted S:PI game. She is grumpy and pragmatic (probably her most redeeming feature). It is lucky she has charms to make friends for her.

She believes that heaven - the roles and jurisdictions of the divine - do not merely reflect the state of Creation. Instead the two realms have a symbiotic relationship. If either is in chaos then the other cannot be ordered. Both are chaotic at present, indeed Creation is threatened on all sides by powerful enemies, and yet perhaps the most effective way to stop all these foes is not by facing them down directly but by setting Creation's divine mirror in order. Then, somehow, Fate will have the strength to tie up the earth-bound threats in their own chaos. Those who dwell outside Fate will be snipped from the loom and cast away. If, first, heaven is in order.

She is not bronze or gold faction - she has never been to the Realm and generally avoids the 'anathema' - but she does not, cannot state that the views of the factions are wrong. She is not willing to take a side on the issue of the solars and risk a divided heaven, however, so she refuses to engage with the topic at all and regards both sides with equal disdain. She is also perfectly happy to play to the factional divide - while she is not in a position to end it - for the good of those lands inside Fate.

For more information on Pyramid's heavenly duties some information on her work for the Bureau of Seasons and the Convention on Natural Disasters can be found here.

An example of her work for Serenity can be found here.

Visit her home, here

Some details of her day to day functioning can be found here.

Draft writing:


Basic Info

Species: Wookiee
Born: 24 BBY on Kashyyyk (currently 33)
Gender: Male
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 360lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown
Skin: ?


"I'm game."
- Zaalbar, to numerous frustrated bookies

Zaalbar was a guerrilla soldier and crack pilot, who flew the infamous smuggling ship the Hidden Sun under the captaincy of Rufus Hokk. Hardened to conflict and danger at a young age, Zaalbar spent most of his time in and out of gunfights, dogfights and barfights. Trouble never really left his side; even in his later, wiser days he was involved in conflicts far and wide across the galaxy.