Ledaal Takezo, Chosen of Saturn

Takezo is my character in the S:PI campaign. He dresses in a simple Gi almost all the time, he is tall and slim with good muscle tone and has his long thin white hair in a pony-tail down his back. He keeps his katana peace bonded when operating in Yu-Shan or the more civilised areas of creation.

Chosen of Endings

Motivation: To end the corruption and inefficiency within the Celestial Bureaucracy.

Intimacies: The Five-score Fellowship, House Ledaal, The Realm, Honour+Integrity, Nazri, S:PI Operatives

Strength 2 Charisma 5 Perception 2 (4XP)
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 2 (4XP) Intelligence 3
Stamina 2 Appearance 5 Wits 4
Resistance 5 (2bp) Craft   Archery  
Ride   Dodge 2 Athletics  
Sail   Linguistics 3 Melee 2 (1XP)
Survival   Performance   Presence 5 (2bp)
Thrown   Socialise 2 War  
Investigation 3 Awareness 3 Compassion 2 (3XP)
Larceny   Bureaucracy 5 (2bp) Conviction 4 (3bp)
Lore 3 Integrity 5 (2bp) Temperance 2
Occult 2 Martial Arts 5 (2bp) Valour 3
Stealth 2 Medicine   Willpower 8 (14XP)

Languages: High Realm (Native), Old Realm, Flametongue, Riverspeak

Essence 4 (27XP)
Personal 16
Peripheral 43
Committed 8

Backing Convention of Fire 3 (1MP)
Backing Convention on War 1
Backing Convention on Essence Wielders 1
Backing Independents 3 (6XP)
Backing Divison of Endings 3 (6XP)
Backing Bureau of Heaven 3 (9XP)
Artifact Indelible Katana 4 (2bp)
Salary   2
Connections Gold Faction 2 (3XP)
Connections Bronze Faction 3 (6XP)
Connections Division of Battles 2 (3XP)
Connections Division of Secrets 1 (3XP)
Sifu   2
Ally Lau Hon 1
College The Spear 4
College The Rising Smoke 4

2nd Resistance Excellency
Optimistic Security Practice
Someone Else's Destiny
Shield of Destiny

Impeding the Flow (10XP)

2nd Presence Excellency
Force Decision

2nd Investigation Excellency
Efficient Secretary Technique (10XP)

2nd Awareness Excellency (10XP)

2nd Bureaucracy Excellency
4th Bureaucracy Excellency
Icy Hand
Terminal Sanction (10XP)
Underling Invisibility Practice (10XP)

2nd Integrity Excellency
Unhearing Dedication

2nd Martial Arts Excellency
4th Martial Arts Excellency
Secrets of Future Strife
Blade of the Battle Maiden
Joy in Adversity Stance (10XP)

Resplendent Destinies
Adama Kenjiro - The Spear - Endurance 3
Young imperial citizen. Footsoldier of no rank in the imperial army. Young, earnest, hard-working and loyal to a fault. Currently on leave before upcoming reassignment.

Adama Takasha - The Rising Smoke - Endurance 4
Young imperial citizen. Just finished apprenticeship in the Ministry of Justice on the Isle. On holiday before taking up new post in the Imperial Foreign Office. Young, naieve and idealistic.

XP Spent 146
XP Total 153
XP Left 7
MP Spent 1
MP Total 3
MP Left 2