"Suzie", Harbinger of the Pride

"Suzie" is an Abyssal exalt in JD's one-off Penitence, looking to spread the word of her Dark Master...

Sussurus of Sanguine Virtues Transcendent by Onyx Salvation, Midnight Caste Abyssal

Motivation: Lay low those who stand in her way
Intimacies: Dark truths, deception, caprice
Anima: A swinging pendulum
Languages: Riverspeak (native), Old Realm, Flametongue, Forest-tongue

Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Stamina 3 [boosts from crown]
Charisma 5, Manipulation 5, Appearance 5 [boosts from Gem of Grace]
Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4

Thrown 5
Integrity 4, Performance 5, Presence 5, Resistance 4
Occult 1
Athletics 5, Awareness 2
Linguistics 3, Socialise 3

Virtues & Power
Compassion 4
Conviction 5
Temperance 1
Valour 2

Willpower: 9
Essence: 4 (Personal - 21, Peripheral - 49)
Committed: 13 (5 armour, 8 crown)
Flawed Virtue: Temperance

Ravening Mouth of Thrown
1st Thrown Excellency
Aid of Ill Wind
Five Birds, One Stone
Improvised Assassin's Trick
Burrowing Bone Maggot

1st Performance Excellency
Morbid Fascination Style
Haunting Apparition Trick
Withering Phantasmagoria (all three forms)
Irrestible Succubus Style
Soul Desiccating Style
Lies That Tell Themselves

2nd Presence Excellency
Ravening Mouth of Presence
Dread Lord's Demeanor
Heart Stopping Mien
Killing Words Technique
Sanity Eroding Diatribe
Inescapable Massacre Technique

2nd Resistance Excellency
Injury Absorbing Discipline
Ox-Body Technique (-1 x2; -2 x4)

1st Athletics Excellency
Corpse Surge Might
Headstones Flung Like Pebbles

2nd Linguistics Excellency
Screaming in Silence

Scathing Cynic Attitude

Armour: Soulsteel discreet essence armour - +7L/B soak, 3L/B hardness, Att 5, activate 3
Natural: 3B/1L soak
Crown: 4L/B
Total: 14B / 12L
DDV: 4 / DMDV: 9 / DPDV: 5

Exceptional Throwing Knife (4): Sp 4 / Acc +1 / Dam +3L / Rate 3 / Ran 15
Improv Weapon (IAT): Sp 5 / Acc -2 / Dam +0L / Rate 3 / Ran 10
Improv Weapon (HFLP): Sp 5 / Acc +3 / Dam +0L / Rate 3 / Ran 100

Artifact 4 (Diadem of Bleeding Resilience)
Liege 2 (First and Forsaken Lion) - soulsteel discreet essence armour
Whispers 1
Manse 3 (Gem of Grace)
Manse 3 (Gem of Resilient Bamboo)

BP: Str 3 (4bp), Virtues (6bp), Abilities (5bp)
XP (100/0): Int 4 (5xp), Soc 3 (3xp), Ess 4 (24xp), Charms (48xp), Backgrounds (18xp), W/Phant forms (2xp)


Sussurus (“call me Suzie”) is a disarmingly charming lady whose colourful appearance belies her steadfast loyalties to the First and Forsaken Lion. Well, loyal at least whilst he’s successful. Sussurrus has a tendency to be somewhat fickle in the face of collapsing plans as evinced by her switched allegiance. Originally exalted by the Princess Magnificent, she successfully bargained her way free of that servitude following her Mistress’ fall from grace, throwing her lot in with FaFL and devoting her considerable energies in trying to smooth the way for his passing. She served many years as a roving ambassador in the Underworld before holding court as a senior representative in Stygia. However, she grew bored of this and successfully petitioned to be an emissary to Creation.

Despite the fun to be had in major urban centres, she decided to start small and bring some of the desert caravanserais and nomads under her sway then moved up to preaching her message in isolated villages and towns, though she regretfully had to send many into the embrace of the Underworld when they failed to hear the wisdom in her messages. It was during these adventures that she managed to acquire her two manses – one from a rogue Dragon-Blood who was terrorising a village as their mayor, the other from a newly exalted Solar she managed to seduce and then slay in a hitherto hidden desert manse.

A passionate speaker, she can be prone to outbursts of hot-headed temper when things don’t go her way… she’s not the most patient of deathknights. This can go badly for her audience if she lets the full force of her powers rein freely. She has honed her skills and abilities to such keenness that breaking someone’s mind doesn’t just leave them a quivering wreck, it leaves them dead. Many have quickly realised that the choice she offers is one between acceptance of her words or perishing by them. However, she wields this power with the skill of necrosurgeon… well, unless she gets angry. Then all bets are off.

She’s also a fairly handy combatant with the power to turn anything from a playing card to a horse into a missile in her hands. Sometimes she relents and merely holds her powers in abeyance, during which time her servitors know that they live only by her whim. Such tactics are often useful in planting spies within enemy courts… or at least within enemies within enemy courts.

In ‘life’, Sussurus was Diann Arjune a well-to-do patrician noblewoman in a prosperous Threshold town. Her natural ebullience and charisma allowed her to easily gravitate to a position on the town council whereupon she discovered that life in her happy little town wasn’t quite as idyllic as it seemed. She turned her talents at negotiation and persuasion into trying to be a steadfast combatant of corruption, eventually going so far as to scupper a potentially lucrative contract because it came with strings attached. Unfortunately, it also came with knives attached and her staunch zeal was left to ebb away after a rather nasty assault and assassination in her family manor, staged to look like a bungled burglary. As her thoughts on the attackers took on a particularly dark aspect, her last few moments were suddenly attended by a strange figure in mask and feathers who offered her the chance of revenge and a new position as her emissary in death. Accepting the Black Exaltation is the last thing she remembers with any proper clarity…


Diadem of Bleeding Resilience
This is a thin white jade and soulsteel circlet that looks like three strands of metal artfully braided together, with a hearthstone socket set on one side (just behind the right temple and sitting above the ear). In order to draw upon the powers of the diadem, the wearer must commit 8 motes… at which point the inner edge of the circlet extends several needle-like spikes that drive into the skull. It cannot be removed by any means short of death. It grants soak of 4B/4L. The wearer of this item gains three distinct benefits:
1. Stamina is increased by 2 for all purposes except adding extra Dying levels to the health track.
2. If reduced to his -2 health levels, any wound penalties convert to wound bonuses as the wearer draws fortitude from their injuries but at the end of the scene gain one Resonance.
3. Can spend lethal health levels instead of paying any Willpower cost but any day on which this happens causes the wearer to accumulate one Resonance.

Only the most committed of characters are capable of wearing this (requiring the wearer to have at least one Virtue rated at 4 or higher) and the virtue they espouse often colours their use of this item. During the High First Age, circlets like this made of jade and orichalcum (Anadems of Weeping Resilience) were worn by particularly considerate Solars or those bent on martyrdom and causing the (unknown) accrual of Limit… and may have actually contributed reasons for the Usurpation as madness and instability were often cited in ruling Solars who owned one of these. It is unsurprising, therefore, that dark mirrors of such items are showing up in the Underworld…


Few changes

Made a few alterations to char:

1. -1 PER, +1 INT
2. Replaced Int Exc and Soul-Flaying Gaze with Soul Desiccating Style and Lies That Tell Temselves
3. Added combat stats inc DEArmour from Liege

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