Jian Tsu Ironhand

Jian Tsu spent the majority of his life in the Scavenger Lands, making a living by designing and constructing a variety of aqeducts, force pumps, water wheels and various custom hydraulic systems. His natural talents ensured his success and he was sought throughout the East.

The Accident changed most of that. Thanks to his divine connections, his mangled arm and lost eye could be replaced and even upgraded. However, no amount of craft could undo the harm to Jian's reputation, or the burden of those lives on his conscience. Work began to dry up and Jian started to drink his fortune away. Once a gregarious and popular artisan, Jian grew increasingly taciturn and insular.

The opportunity to join the crew of the ship, working in the engine room provided Jian with a new lease on life. Although he is approaching his twilight years, Jian remains in excellent physical condition, and his experience has made him a source of obscure information. He remains uncommunicative, broody and occasionally prickly but he's very good at his job, and has earned the respect of the people he works with.

Strength 3 (4/5), Dexterity 3 (4), Stamina 3
Charisma 1, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3
Perception 3 (4), Intelligence 4 (4bp), Wits 2

Martial Arts 3 (razor claws +2) (2bp)
Integrity 2; Presence 2; Resistance 2; Survival 2
Craft (air) 1; Craft (Earth) 1 Craft (Fire) 3 ; Craft (Magi-air) 1; Craft (magi- fire) 3 (4bp) Lore 3 (2bp); Occult 3
Athletics 2; Awareness 1
Linguistics 2

Virtues and Power

Compassion 2
Conviction 2
Temperance 3 (5bp)
Valour 3

Willpower 6
Essence 3
Essence Pool - 43
Committed - 22 (12 on Affinity Water Control; 2 on armour; 8 on arm)
Net Essence Pool - 18

Inheritance 3
Patron 2
Artifact 4 (2bp) - Synthetic arm - +1 to dex; +1 to Srength; additional +1 to feats of strength; contains razor claws)
Artifact 1 - Jade Breastplate
Artifact 2 - Skin Mount Amulet
Manse 2 - Gemstone of the Master's Hand (2bp)
Artifact 2 - Artificial Eye; +1 to perception, eliminates low-light penalties, grants essence-sight (2bp)

Principle of Motion (7bp)
Affinity Water Control (7bp)

Merits, Flaws and Mutations
Hydraulic Artifact (Flaw - 4bp)
Healing Factor (Merit - 4bp)
Material Resonance (Affliction - 2bp)

Useful Pools
Join Battle - 3
Razor Claws - Speed 5; Accuracy 13; Damage +9L; PDV vs H2H 7; PDV vs Ranged 6; Rate 3
Dodge DV - 3
Soak - 6L/8B