Unblemished Snow

Snow has been called a rake, a cad, a scoundrel and, once, a swashbuckler. He is less well known as one of Lunar's chosen, and a promising addition to The Winding Path. His mentor hopes that this latest assignment, with its more temperate companions and the explicit need for subtlety, will help him to resist the temptation to cuckold the rich and famous long enough to deliver on said promise.

Chosen of Luna, Changing Moon Caste

Spirit Shape: Swan
Tell: A black mark reaches from the top of Snow's nose, surrounding his eyes.
Anima: An upright swan, wings spread

Motivation: Protect the throne that best serves the people of Creation
Intimacies: The Winding Path; Aarian; Mentor; Ijurizhen
Virtue Flaw: The curse of the worried vixen


Strength 2 Charisma 4 Perception 4
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 4 Intelligence 2
Stamina 2 Appearance 5 Wits 3

Abilities + Advantages

Archery Craft Bureaucracy
Athletics 2 Larceny 3 Investigation 2
Awareness 2 Linguistics 2 Lore 1
Dodge Performance Occult
Integrity 1 Presence 3 Medicine
Martial Arts Ride Willpower 8
Melee 2 Sail Compassion 3
Resistance Socialise 3 Conviction 2
Thrown Stealth 3 Temperance 1
War Survival 2 Valour 5
Essence 2 Personal 18 Peripheral 44

Riverspeak (Native),
High Realm

Mentor: 2
Manse: 3
Heart's Blood: 2
Artifact: 1
Artifact: 1

Artifacts and Hearthstones:
Gem of Grace
Moonsilver Chain Shirt
Moonsilver Baneclaw

Forms: (Order of Size)


Prey's Skin Disguise
Changing Plumage Mastery

1st Dexterity Excellency

2nd Charisma Excellency
Terrifying Lust Infliction

2nd Manipulation Excellency
Mirror Sight Dismay
Mask of White Jade


Charisma 4 - 3 bp
Valor 5 - 6bp
Dexterity 5 - 6bp


Social This

I don't think you have enough points in Social attributes.

Your Mum

Your Mum seemed to find my character more than charming. She even gave him a discount.

New Rule

Every time you fail a Social roll, I'm giving you -1 XP.

Social Fu

Like he'll ever fail a social roll. Man, 5 in all 4 favoured things, that is just wrong. :-)

In other news, doesn't your motivation have to be related to protection or defending?


Edited. Thanks.

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