The Reaper Cloaked in Oblivion's Shadow

Reaper is a character created for JohanDenerad's campaign Penitence. He is something of a Dusk Caste/Day Caste hybrid, at home as a general, a lone warrior or an assassin.


Dusk Caste servant of The First and Forsaken Lion


Motivation: To destroy the armies of every southern state.
Intimacies: Soldiers, Hatred of the Realm, Hatred of Dragon Bloods, Hatred of Civilians


Strength 6* Charisma 4 Perception 2 (4XP)
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 4
Stamina 2 Appearance 0 Wits 5


Archery   Integrity 3 Craft  
Martial Arts   Performance Lore 1
Melee 5 (1bp) Presence 3 Investigation
Thrown   Resistance 2 (1XP)
(+2 Poison*)
Occult 1
War 5 (1bp) Survival Medicine  
Awareness 4* (1XP) Bureaucracy Compassion 1
Athletics 5 (2bp) Linguistics 1 Conviction 4
Dodge 5 (2bp) Ride Temperance 2 (3XP)
Larceny Sail Valour 4
Stealth 7* (1bp)
(+1 Still*)
(+3 Dark^)
Socialise 1 Willpower 8

* includes bonuses from Armour
^From permanent charm


Flametongue (Native), Old Realm


Permanent 4 (24XP)
Personal 20
Peripheral 47
Committed 25


Liege First and Forsaken Lion 5
Artifact Soulsteel Celestial Battle Armour 5 (4bp)
Artifact Soulsteel Grand Grimscythe 3
Artifact Soulsteel Hearthstone Bracers 2 (2bp)
Manse Flawed Gem 3 (2bp)
Whispers 1 (3XP)


1st Melee Excellency
Ravening Mouth of Melee (8XP)
Infinite Melee Mastery (8XP)
Savage Shade Style
Five Shadow Feint
Unfurling Iron Lotus (8XP)
Time-Scything Technique (8XP)
Thousand Wounds Feinting (8XP)
Blade Summoning Gesture
Void Sheath Technqiue

2nd War Excellency
Morale-Shattering Method
Arise and Slaughter (8XP)

2nd Integrity Excellency

2nd Presence Excellency

Injury Absorbing Discipline
Corpse Body Resilience

1st Athletics Excellency
Raiton's Nimble Perch
Crouching Gargoyle Style
Mist Over Ice (8XP)
Spider Pounce Technique
Corpse-Might Surge

3rd Dodge Excellency
Dodge Essence Flow (8XP)
Flitting Shadow Form
Flickering Wisp Technique
Uncanny Impulse Evasion
Untouchable Phantom Mien

2nd Stealth Excellency
Shadow Cloak Technique
Atrocity Without Witness
Unseen Wisp Method


Reap What You Sow
Infinite Melee Mastery
Ravening Mouth of Melee
Blade Summoning Gesture
Flickering Wisp Technique

And Taxes
Untouchable Phantom Mien
Ravening Mouth of Melee
Blade Summoning Gesture
Flickering Wisp Technique

Spider Bite Mutation
Corpse-Might Surge
Raiton's Nimble Perch
Crouching Gargoyle Stance
Mist Over Ice
Spider Pounce Technique
Flickering Wisp Technique

Don't Fear the Reaper
Uncanny Impulse Evasion
Flickering Wisp Technique
Blade Summoning Gesture
Spider Pounce Technique

I Am Become Death
Time Scything Technique
1st Melee Excellency
Savage Shade Style
Five Shadow Feint
Flickering Wisp Technique

I've Got A Brand New Combine Harvester
Unfurling Iron Lotus
1st Melee Excellency
Savage Shade Style
Five Shadow Feint
Flickering Wisp Technique

Like a Scythe through Butter
1st Melee Excellency
2nd Presence Excellency
Savage Shade Style
Five Shadow Feint
Flickering Wisp Technique

Those About to Die
Atrocity Without Witness
2nd Stealth Excellency
Ravening Mouth of Melee
Blade Summoning Gesture
Flickering Wisp Technique

Valley of the Shadow
Unseen Wisp Method
2nd Stealth Excellency
Ravening Mouth of Melee
Blade Summoning Gesture
Flickering Wisp Technique

Note on combos:
The most common combinations are given above. All of these combos feature alternative forms that;
(a) include Uncanny Impulse Evasion
(b) include any/all reflexive Athletics charms
(c) include 2nd Stealth Excellency
(d) remove any/all supplemental charms
It takes too much space to write these out. Plus I only have so many names.


Move Rate 10
Dash Rate 22
Vertical Jump 11
Horizontal Jump 22


Combat Statistics

Join Battle: 9 (7 if essence sight active)

Grand Grimscythe
Accuracy 14
Damage 20L
Parry DV 4
Rate 2
Tags 2 handed, Overwhelming, Piercing, Reach
Reduces opponent soak by 2B/2L (bracers ability)
On hit: Drain 5 motes (Mortals age 2 years) (armour ability)
On damage: Drain 4 additional motes (weapon ability), Heal one level of damage to wielder (armour ability)

Dodge DV 9

Natural: 2B/1L
Armour: 32B/27L/27A
Total: 34B/28L/27A
vs Piercing: 18B/14L/13A
Hardness: 28B/23L/23A
vs Piercing: 14B/11L/11A
On being hit: Attacker rolls Sta+Res diff 2 or loses 1 dex for 1 hour
Flames that touch the armour are quenched
Water that touches the armour freezes and slides off

Other armour bonuses:
+2 Resistance vs Poison/Disease
1 hour air supply
+2 Awareness or Essence Sight
+2 Strength
Double Movement Rate
+2 Stealth (+3 while stationary)

Charm Descriptions

1st Melee Excellency (ref)
add dice to Melee pool 1 die per m

Ravening Mouth of Melee (ref)
3m: regain 1m for each health level inflicted by melee in scene

Infinite Melee Mastery (sim)
1wp: lower cost of excellency by 1m for every 2m committed for scene

Savage Shade Style (sup)
1m: Double sux over DV for damage

Five Shadow Feint (sup)
reduce DV by 1 for every 2m spent

Unfurling Iron Lotus (exac)
buy attacks, 1 per 2m, max 7

Time-Scything Technique (exac)
5m, 1wp: make 8 attacks

Thousand Wounds Feinting (perm)
increases previous two charms, may arrange wounds artfully

Blade Summoning Gesture (ref)
1m: blade to hand from 40yds/elsewhere

Void Sheath Technqiue (sim)
1m: banish weapon to elsewhere, withdraw with misc

2nd War Excellency (ref)
add sux to War pool 1 sux per 2m

Morale-Shattering Method (sim)
7m, 1wp: force enemy unit to check for rout, diff 1 if magnitude 5+, diff 2 otherwise

Arise and Slaughter (sim)
10m, 1ahl: corpse's within 500yds become zombie unit rated at abyssal command 4

2nd Integrity Excellency (ref)
add sux to Integrity pool 1 sux per 2m

2nd Presence Excellency (ref)
add sux to Presence pool 1 sux per 2m

Injury Absorbing Discipline (sup)
10m, 1wp: increase healing rate by 10 for 1 night

Corpse Body Resilience (perm)
gain -1/-2/-2 health levels

1st Athletics Excellency (ref)
add dice to Athletics pool 1 die per m

Raiton's Nimble Perch (ref)
3m: balance on any surface for scene

Crouching Gargoyle Style (ref)
4m: run/walk/stand on vertical surface/upside-down, 1m per action to maintain whilst on horizontal surface, for scene

Mist Over Ice (ref)
4m: tread as light as fog on any surface for scene

Spider Pounce Technique (ref)
3m: leap as move action, double jumping distance for scene

Corpse-Might Surge (sim)
increase strength for scene 1 dot per 3m, max 4 dots

3rd Dodge Excellency (ref)
4m: increase Dodge pool by 5 (DV by 2) vs one attack

Dodge Essence Flow (perm)
use dodge excellency as innate power, not charm use, always

Flitting Shadow Form (ref)
1m: apply full dodge DV to 1 attack

Flickering Wisp Technique (ref)
3m: perfectly dodge 1 attack

Uncanny Impulse Evasion (ref)
1res: apply dodge defense to an unexpected attack

Untouchable Phantom Mien (sim)
5m,1wp: ignore onslaught and coordinated attack penalties to dodge dv, reduce action dv penalty of each action by 1, for scene

2nd Stealth Excellency (ref)
add sux to Stealth pool 1 sux per 2m

Shadow Cloak Technique (perm)
stealth specialty in darkness/shadows, double bonuses from stunts/excellencies when specialty applies, always

Atrocity Without Witness (sim)
5m,1wp: roll man+ste with ess sux, if beats dodge MDV compelled not to notice abyssal or combat abyssal participates in, for scene, 2wp to resist, abyssal knows if so, 4wp to recall what was seen but ignored after event

Unseen Wisp Method (sim)
4m: -2 external penalty to notice or attack, ranged attacks impossible without stunt/charm, two sux to contested stealth rolls, outside fate, use stealth without cover/concealment


I'm still trying to make a final decision on whether to be a Dusk caste or a Day Caste, I think there are reasons for both. Anyone have any thoughts?

Re: Caste?

If there's no mechanical incentive to go Day, Dusk would be more appropriate, I reckon. Explains why the Lion likes you so much, too.

Re: Caste?

The only choice really is the anima power. With the dot spread Day would look more appropriate - would mean I could take integrity and presence as favoured also, but I think you're right that Dusk is thematically better. And there's no numerical need to go Day as I thought there was for a while.


Whose combo rules are we using? IIRC the Golden Op rules allow you to take charms equal to your essence, plus an excellency. Your combos break those restrictions, especially once (a)-(d) are factored in.

re: combos

yeah, i thought i would need some editing, but jd said not to worry about number of charms, as long as the combo is legal.

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