We have art in order not to die of the truth, Let the Pyramid Spin

This is my sidereal for the Exalted S:PI game. She is grumpy and pragmatic (probably her most redeeming feature). It is lucky she has charms to make friends for her.

She believes that heaven - the roles and jurisdictions of the divine - do not merely reflect the state of Creation. Instead the two realms have a symbiotic relationship. If either is in chaos then the other cannot be ordered. Both are chaotic at present, indeed Creation is threatened on all sides by powerful enemies, and yet perhaps the most effective way to stop all these foes is not by facing them down directly but by setting Creation's divine mirror in order. Then, somehow, Fate will have the strength to tie up the earth-bound threats in their own chaos. Those who dwell outside Fate will be snipped from the loom and cast away. If, first, heaven is in order.

She is not bronze or gold faction - she has never been to the Realm and generally avoids the 'anathema' - but she does not, cannot state that the views of the factions are wrong. She is not willing to take a side on the issue of the solars and risk a divided heaven, however, so she refuses to engage with the topic at all and regards both sides with equal disdain. She is also perfectly happy to play to the factional divide - while she is not in a position to end it - for the good of those lands inside Fate.

For more information on Pyramid's heavenly duties some information on her work for the Bureau of Seasons and the Convention on Natural Disasters can be found here.

An example of her work for Serenity can be found here.

Visit her home, here

Some details of her day to day functioning can be found here.

Draft writing: http://worldswithinworlds.co.uk/node/409

Spinning Pyramid

Chosen of Serenity
Motivation: Create and maintain harmony in Creation and Yu-Shan at any cost
Intimacies: herself, her work in the West, power


Physical Social Mental
Strength 2 (4xp) Charisma 4 Perception 3
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 3
Stamina 2 (4xp) Appearance 4 Wits 3



Journeys Serenity Battles Secrets Endings
Sail 1 Craft 3 (1bp) Presence [F] 4 (1bp 5xp) Investigation 2 Awareness 2
Survival 2 Dodge 3 Lore 3 Bureaucracy [F] 4 (9xp)
Thrown 1 Linguistics 3 (1bp) Occult [F] 3 (3xp) Integrity 2
Ride [F] 4 (14xp) Performance 5 (3bp) Stealth 1 Martial Arts 2
Socialise 4 (1bp) Medicine 2

Craft: Fate
Linguistics: Riverspeak, Old Realm and Seatongue; Flametongue Native. Specialty 1 Sky tongue (2xp)


Backing 3 (Convention of Water) (3xp)
Backing 3 (Convention on Natural Disasters) (3xp)
Backing 3 (The Cerulean Lute)
Backing 4 (Bureau of Seasons)
Connections 1 (Yushan Social)
Connections 1 (Yushan Slums) (3xp) Ehvon Barksdale and some little guys
Connections 1 (The Violet Bier)
Connections 1 (Bureau of Humanity)
Celestial Manse 2 (1bp) Pyramid Mansions - Hearthstone = Jewel of the Celestial Mandarin
Ally 1 (Kal-Reyon-Zarr the Ifrit)
Familiar 5 (Jaymi the Griffin uber-god)
Salary 3 (3xp)
Artifact - In possession of magic flute, part of SP:I's arsenal

Jewel of the Celestial Mandarin:
Surrounds bearer with subtle aura of essence that causes gods, demons and elementals to regard with respect. Reduce difficulty of all social rolls with such creatures by 2 (min 1).

Compassion 1
Conviction 4 (3bp)
Temperance 3
Valour 2

Willpower 7 +++++++

Essence 4 (27xp)
Personal /15
Peripheral /41

Health Levels -0 + -1 ++ -2 ++ -4 + Incap +

Paradox: 5


1st Performance
2nd: Craft, Bureaucracy, Investigation, Occult.
3rd Performance (10xp)
4th Performance (10xp)

Absence, 2m, ignore all penalties on Dodge DV to resolve attack. Doesn't help if attack undodgeable.

Duck Fate, 10m, roll dex+dodge against diff of opponents essence; if succeed avoid harmful effect. Inc, environmental and continuous; area attacks where can't move out of radius defeat.

Avoidance Kata, 2m, within first two actions after join battle can decide to vanish and reappears somewhere would plausibly have gone if had acted differently a few minutes ago. 2wp to overcome illusion.

Heart Brightening Presentation Style, 2m, Excellencies apply to Burea, Presence, Performance and Socialize.

Faultless Ceremony, 1m, during ceremony prayer roll char+perf+essence at diff of 8-resources spent on ceremony. +1 dice for next week to participents' relevent actions. Broader beneficial effects.

Perfection in Life, 5m, charis+perf during performance against highest MDV of audience; if not creature outside fate +1 willpower (can take over maximum but only once per day).

Defence of Shining Joy, 5m 1wp, +perf score to dodge when calculating dv for rest of scene; can use perf. excellencies instead of dodge; ignores onslaught penalties and -1 dv penalty to attacks made (to min of zero).

Song of Spirit Persuasion, 5m 1wp, singing roll manip+perf versus a spirit's MDDV, if succeed becomes ally for rest of story with intimacy to that effect.

Ice and Fire Binding, 10m, hour long song, int+perf roll diff 9; sidereals who do not know charm can help reducing by one to min of 5. Successful summons an elemental with essence no higher than sid. For one season spirit is bound to seak joy, health and pleasure of chosen dominion, magnitude not more than essence. At end of period spirit forgets who bound it.

Harmonic Completion, 16m 1wp 1lhl, prayer stip blinding, any perf rolls succeeds with 1 success/die, anyone paying attention gains an intimacy to perf. Dodge DV and MDDV increase by amount equal to unmodified perf.

Fortuitous Fellowship (4bp), 12m, spend week spreading ideas in a community, roll wits+socialize and spend successes on units magnitude and loyalty. Magnitude can't exceed craft fate and loyalty can't exceed highest virtue. Can define policy of group making self leader with suitable resplendent destiny. Any possible common interest can become basis.

Mark of Exaltation (10xp), 2m, light from caste mark allows to see unmanifested spirits within essencex5 yards; single auto success on any presence, perf, occult, bureau or socialize and stacks. Spirits and others of cast can see the light.

Icy Hand, 1m, touch a bureaucrat and roll charis+bureauc, against targets MDDV, if succeed has to do duties honestly for five days.

Ordained Bridle of Mercury (10xp)

Spirit-shaped Companion (10xp)

Godly Companion (10xp)


The Musician 5:
Strange Days, one endurance, compulsion to force someone faced with possible gratification to make temperence roll or succumb.

Impossible to Remember Party, 1 end/night, while performs all temp rolls are -1.

Brigand attracting style, 1 end, 1 para/week, can attach to group of marginal people by end of day; living large allows to avoid legal, bureac and official scrutiny; must beat players stamin+presence with essence as auto successes to find me. 7 free hours a week.

The Peacock 1:
Proper plumage, 1 end, 1 para die, so long as access to wardrobe always look good enough to gain +1 app for social occasions.

Spouse-saving, 1 end, channel convict or temp to help mate reroll social.

Wife procuring, 1 end, 1 para/week, get involved in marital arrangements by end of day, avoid scrutiny and can't track without beating bureau+charis with essence as auto successes. 7 free hours a week.

The Pillar 2:
Comforting matriarch embrace, 1 end, if comfort to sleep roll convict twice on wakening to regain w/p.

Equitable Partnership, 1 end, 1 para, always find backer for financial plan so long as venture has merit, am competant and have no intention of cheating.

Best friend's Couch, 1 end, 1 para, present self as long lost friend and allowed to stay with whoever, can't stay very long, avoid scrutiny. To find must beat charis+presence with essence as auto. 7 free hrs a week.


Perfect War Fan -
Speed 5, Acc +4, Dam +2L, Defense +3, Rate 3

Perfect Breast Plate -
Soak +5L/3B

Soak: 6L/5B

Parry DV: 5

Dodge DV: 6
With Defense of Shining Joy - add perf to dodge DV and can use perf excellancies (9).

Harmonic Completion - increases by unmodified performance (11 (potentially 14 stacked with defense of shining joy)).

Harmonic Completion - increases by unmodified perf (11).



Tidying the Pyramid:
(2nd; or 1st, 3rd or 4th with +2m) Bureaucracy Excellency; Icy Hand

Calming the Invisible Opponent:
(1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th with +2m) Presence/Socialize Excellency; (1st, 3rd, or 4th; or 2nd with 2m) Performance Excellency; Mark of Exaltation

Summoning the Valuable Party:
(1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th with +2m) Socialize Excellency; Fortuitous Fellowship

Touch Wood:
(1st, 3rd or 4th; 2nd with +2m) Performance Excellency; Ice and Fire Binding

Capping the Pyramid:
(1st, 3rd or 4th; 2nd with +2m) Performance Excellency; Song of Spirit Persuasion

Forgive the Bard his Song:
Most importantly if defense of shining joy is already active: (1st, 3rd or 4th; 2nd with +2m) Performance Excellency; Duck Fate. Also in case: Defense of Shining Joy; Absence

Watch and Live:
(1st, 3rd or 4th; 2nd with +2m) Performance Excellency; Perfection in Life

Support the Base:
(1st, 3rd or 4th; 2nd with +2m) Performance Excellency; Faultless Ceremony

3 MP Spend on Backgrounds
BP: 7 on Abilities, 3 on Virtues, 4 on Charms, 1 on Backgrounds
XP: 27 on Essence, 8 on Attributes, 31 on Abilities, 60 on Charms, 12 on backgrounds, 2 on specialties, 6 spend on ride charming (133 spent in total of 151)
16 xp remaining
1 1/2 MP

Saving for - ride charms?