Nascent Blossom, Harbinger of Serenity

Nascent Blossom is the Heavenly agent in the Exalted chronicle Scrolls of the Monk, wandering Creation in search of learning, revenge and the means to return to Yu-Shan safely...

Nascent Blossom, Chosen of Venus

Motivation: To bring down the Dynastic Houses using the power of voice
Intimacies: House Cynis (hatred), Revenge, Blackmail, Meddling, the Scrolls
Anima: Blue haze that coils like a thorny rose with petals exploding
Languages: Low Realm (native), Old Realm, High Realm, Riverspeak

Strength 1, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2
Charisma 5, Manipulation 3, Appearance 3
Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3

Resistance 1, Thrown 1
Dodge 2, Performance 5, Linguistics 3, Socialise 4 (altering relationships +2)(“part of the entourage” +1)
Athletics 2, Presence 2
Investigation 1 , Lore 3, Occult 2, Stealth 3
Awareness 3, Bureaucracy 3 (blackmail +1), Integrity 2, Martial Arts 5 (Poison Ivy +2), Medicine 2

Virtues & Power
Compassion 3
Conviction 4
Temperance 2
Valour 1

Willpower: 7
Essence: 3 (Personal - 13, Peripheral - 35)
Committed: 12 (Poison Ivy 5, Serpent Heart 2, DEA 5)
Current Limit: 9
Paradox: 1

3rd Performance Excellency
Heart Brightening Presentation Style
Perfection in Life
Defence of Shining Joy

2nd Socialise Excellency
Fateful Socialise Excellency
Shun the Smiling Lady
Cash and Murder Games

2nd Investigation Excellency
Efficient Secretary Technique

Methodology of Secrets

2nd Stealth Excellency
Blinding the Boar

Swallowing the Lotus Root
1st Martial Arts Excellency
Fateful Martial Arts Excellency
(WVS) Birdsong Over Blades
(WVS) Alehouse Memory Stance
(WVS) Owl Clutches at the Night
(WVS) White Veil Form
(WVS) Blinded by Laughter
(Crane) Fluttering Cry of Warning
(Crane) Empowering Justice Redirection
(Crane) Crane Form
(Crane) Humbling Enlightenment Commentary
(Crane) Kindly Sifu’s Quill
(Crane) Crossed Wings Denial
(Crane) Beak Spears Frog
(Crane) Wings Spread to Sky

Ties that Bind Forever – 2nd Socialise Excellency + Fateful Socialise Excellency + Cash & Murder Games
Looming Beyond Sight – 2nd Stealth Excellency + Blinding the Boar + Wings Spread to Sky

Ally 3 (Coronal)
Artifact 2 (Discreet Essence Armour)
Artifact 3 (Poison Ivy)
Artifact 1 (Serpent’s Heart Onyx)
Backing (Gold Faction) 3
Backing (Capital Convention) 2
Celestial Manse 1 (Tavern of Ivy Symphonies - Jewel of the Canny Bureaucrat)
Connections (House Cynis) 2
Face 1
Salary 3
Sifu 1 (Unity-of-Whispers)

Quiver 1
Ewer 3
Lovers 2
Musician 1

BP: Performance 5 (2bp); Socialise 4 (1bp); MA 5 (3bp); specialities (3bp); Conv 4 (3bp); combo (3bp); backgrounds (3bp)
XP (Total: 117 [109/8]): Dodge 2 (1xp); Stealth 2,3 (4xp); Essence 3 (16xp); StLR (8xp); 3x Crane charms (12xp); 3x Sid charms - BtB, ETS, 2StExc (24xp); 3x Crane charms (12xp); 5x WVS charms (10xp); combo (3xp); 2x Crane charms (8xp); added to combo (5xp); 3x WVS (6xp)


Nascent Blossom is a young Sidereal with strange affectations and a peculiar sense of revenge. Born under the name Oriol, he was the illegitimate son of a minor Cynis Dynast whose father took perverse pleasure in keeping around, passing Oriol off as serving boy, gardener, chimney sweep or even ‘bedchamber attendant’ as inclination took him. As he grew older, he was sent to the Cynis pleasure houses to train his voice and body in song and dance, to be an entertainer. There he was treated little better than the slaves purchased on the open market and the Mistress of the House (who knew about his heritage) took great pleasure in belittling him and reminding him of his degraded position whenever they were alone.

Aged 17 though, a particularly boisterous orgy afforded him opportunity to escape the torment when the house was set ablaze and he managed to slip away in the confusion. After several scrapes and close calls with House troops, he ended up in the Imperial City, on the streets with nothing but his voice and wits to protect him. Taking to begging, his talent was noticed by a theatre director who took him in to train and to have perform, which he did, although invariably in costume, given that, ironically, it was a House Cynis-backed playhouse. It was here that he started to learn martial arts from a stage hand, ostensibly to learn how to defend himself if things went sour, for some of the other performers were somewhat jealous of his ability… and his admirers. The secret mentor showed him how to use poisons, to fight without folk knowing they were fighting, to understand the principles of achieving his ends over a longer term… letting revenge stew…

At age 19, the secret mentor revealed himself to be the Sidereal Unity-of-Whispers, who had been monitoring him and was now ready to take him to Yu-Shan to start his training proper, becoming his sifu. A couple of years later, Oriol exalted in the corona of Venus and took the name Nascent Blossom to hide his past whilst he learned how to navigate the bureaucracy of Heaven and deal with various situations. However, his desire for revenge on his family still burns within him and he has done everything he can to affect House Cynis operations and those of other Dynastic houses, albeit in a somewhat strange fashion.

The first step of his plan was to use his wiles and keen social prowess to obtain some significant allies in Heaven. Talent and ambition once again came to the fore as he performed (in all senses) and drew the attention of Coronal, a god of social engineering in the Cerulean Lute. Under his tutelage and as his sometime paramour, Nascent learned effective techniques for manipulation and blackmail whilst maintaining a charming guise, and also found someone who shared his distaste for the Realm and turned his attention to trying to pave the way for a return of the Solars.

In order to best effect their schemes, Nascent needed to be on the Capital Convention, that hotbed of Bronze dominion and power but such would not be easy. Together with Coronal they managed to find a Bronze functionary that they could ‘persuade’ to sponsor Nascent’s acceptance, thus allowing him ready and official access to the Blessed Isle.

Since his GF status isn’t widely known, he can move fairly freely underneath the radar of the Terrestrial-supporting Viziers whilst ostensibly appearing to further their plans. But like an insidious creeper, he sows his own seeds – and those of the Gold Faction – into the mix. And all the while takes pleasure in pruning back the weeds of House Cynis...


Essence Tracking

Willpower: 7
Personal Essence: 13 / Peripheral Essence: 35
Committed: 7 (Poison Ivy 5, Serpent Heart 2)

Spent: 0/13
Available: 0/28
WP: 0/7

XP: 16 (?)

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