Kieran Ward

Kieran Ward (played by Cillian Murphy) is a young and competent landscape gardener who supplements his day job with night work at artsy bars and cafes to make ends meet. This also allows him to indulge his passion for writing poetry which he performs from time to time to reasonable reception. But his work has been taking a stranger turn of late and he finds himself in London as he tries to figure out what to do with his life. His past is a bit of a blank and having grown up in both Ireland and Boston, he often thinks of himself as a bit of a misfit wherever he goes...

Scion of Bragi (but touched by The Morrigan)


Strength 3 Charisma 4 Perception 4
Epic Str 1 Epic Cha Epic Per 1
Dexterity 2 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 4
Epic Dex Epic Man 1 Epic Int 1
Stamina 2 Appearance 3 Wits 3
Epic Sta Epic App 1 Epic Wit 1


Academics 1 Craft (Carpentry) 1 Occult
Animal Ken 3 Empathy 3 Politics
Art (Poetry/Landscaping) 4/2 Fortitude 2 Presence 3
Athletics Integrity 2 Science (Botany) 2
Awareness 4 Investigation Science (Biochemistry)
Brawl 2 Larceny 2 Science (Robotics)
Command Marksmanship Stealth 1
Control Medicine Survival 2
Craft (Electronics) Melee Thrown


Courage 1 Endurance 3 Expression 4 Loyalty 2

Willpower 7

Legend 2
Legend Pool 4


Relic 3 Táin Bó Cúailnge - Mystery, Prophecy, Enech
Relic 3 Pewter Whistle - Animal, Chaos, Fertility

Knockback Attack (Str)
Blurt it Out (Man)
Lasting Impression (App)
Language Mastery (Int)
Subliminal Warning (Per)
Social Chameleon (Wit)

Animal Communication [Corvids] (Animal 1)
Eye of the Storm (Chaos 1)
Green Thumb (Fertility 1)
Brehon's Eye (Enech 1)
Mystery 1
Prophecy 1

Might alter the knacks since not overly happy with them. There is a full background but twisted slightly to suggest he is a Scion of the Norse Bragi but his mother (who he doesn't know about and believes to be dead) carried/carries a touch of the Morrigan's power which is why he has affinities with her purviews.