James Brennan

James Brennan (played by Colin Farrel) is a young, successful surgeon at Charing Cross Hospital in London. He's been a high-flyer for many years, and one of the foremost success stories of the University of Dublin medical school. He has become a world authority on prosthetic limb replacement, and the integration of robotics technology. His money and his good looks have opened doors for him and the odd dalliance with minor celebrities has put his picture in the papers on a couple of occasions, but he is much more likely to be recognised by a colleague than by a man on the street.

Scion of Dian Cecht


Strength 1 Charisma 3 Perception 4
Epic Str Epic Cha 1 Epic Per 1
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 5
Epic Dex 1 Epic Man 1 Epic Int 1
Stamina 3 (4bp) Appearance 4 Wits 3 (4bp)
Epic Sta 1 Epic App 1 Epic Wit 1


Academics 2 Craft (Prosthetics) 4 (1bp) Occult
Animal Ken Empathy 2 Politics
Art Fortitude Presence 4 (1bp)
Athletics Integrity 1 Science (Computers) 4 (2bp)
Awareness 3 Investigation Science (Biochemistry) 3
Brawl Larceny Science (Robotics) 3
Command Marksmanship Stealth
Control (Car) 1 Medicine 5 (2bp) Survival
Craft (Electronics) 4 (1bp) Melee Thrown


Courage 2 Expression 2 Intellect 4 Piety 1

Willpower 6

Legend 2
Legend Pool 4


Followers 1 Interns/Research Assistants
Relic 2 Lucky Charm - Purview Access
Guide 2 AI System

Microscopic Precision (Dex)
Holy Fortitude (Sta)
Boys Will Be Boys (Cha)
God's Honest (Man)
Centre of Attention (App)
Parallel Attention (Per)
Multitasking (Int)
Jack of All Trades (Wit)

Assess Health (Health 1)
Penetrating Glare (Sun 1)

Might swap out a boon if something that benefits craft more could be found - but the Dex knack and my stats overall should already make me pretty badass. Future development will depend on direction of the chronicle, but is likely to head in the direction of Int and Per based powers. With a bit of social stuff too.


Imperial College Hospital doesn't exist

I know Jordan likes to run factually correct games*. If you want a hospital in the Imperial College Healthcare Trust, you can have Chelsea & Westminster Hosp (Chelsea), St Mary's Hosp (Paddington), Charing Cross Hosp (Hammersmith) or Hammersmith Hosp (Acton).

Or go to UCH - University College Hospital (Euston).



That seems foolish. Thanks for the info.

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