Ijurizhen is a No Moon Lunar for Blackrat's forthcoming game...

Chosen of Luna, No Moon Caste

Spirit Shape: Heron
Tell: Feather like markings wrapped around each wrist
Anima: A rearing heron's neck bringing the sharp beak down as a staff-like defence

Motivation: Shepherd the fledglings to the tree of knowledge
Intimacies: The Winding Path; Aarian; Mentor; Unblemished Snow
Virtue Flaw: Curse of the Whipped Dog


Strength 2 Charisma 2 Perception 4
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 1 Intelligence 5
Stamina 3 Appearance 4 Wits 4

Abilities + Advantages

Archery Craft Bureaucracy
Athletics 2 Larceny Investigation 3
Awareness 2 Linguistics 2 Lore 4
Dodge Performance Occult 3
Integrity Presence Medicine
Martial Arts 3 Ride Willpower 8
Melee Sail Compassion 5
Resistance 3 Socialise 2 Conviction 1
Thrown Stealth 2 Temperance 2
War Survival 2 Valour 3
Essence 2 Personal 18 Peripheral 44

Flametongue (Native)
Low Realm
Old Realm

Mentor 2 (Winding Path)
Artifact 2 (Path of Wisdom, a moonsilver wrackstaff)
Artifact 1 (moonsilver breastplate)
Heart's Blood 2
Manse 2 (The Sandy Rotunda [Air - Jewel of Swift Comprehension])

Forms: (Order of Size)


Humble Mouse Shape

Subduing the Honored Foe

1st Dexterity Excellency

Hide Toughening Essence
Ox-Body Technique (4x -2)

Hide of the Cunning Hunter

2nd Intelligence Excellency

2nd Wits Excellency

Costs: Compassion 5 (6bp), Int 5 (3bp), Per 4 (3bp), Lore 4 (1bp), Inv 3 (2bp)

Ijur is a tall, wispy kind of guy, lithe and reasonably muscled but still looks like he would be blown over in a strong breeze. He has a very intelligent air about him and a tendency to affect the wearing of a pair of pince-nez even though his eyesight is pretty good. Whilst very good looking, he has next to no real social skills other than in getting people to learn – he’s still very shy and awkward outside of a scholarly setting, though he has no trouble in extrapolating the behaviour of people.

His general demeanour means that he has very little trust in his own abilities, allowing him to be fairly easily led and swayed by the arguments of others; he does have a tendency to get used by others. However, he is loyal and brave, often fending off others to allow weaker friends or innocents to get away. He ensures he does not kill opponents unless he absolutely has to – preferring to lay them out with Subduing the Honored Foe whenever possible – the chiselled end of his moonsilver wrackstaff is almost always downwards and rarely sees combat use.

Prior to his Exaltation, Ijurizhen was a local teacher, raised in a An-Tengese town not far from the City of the Steel Lotus. Having shown aptitude and intelligence as a youth, he was sent to Steel Lotus for schooling and he even took the exams to join the Thousand Scales. Unsurprisingly, he passed them but he declined the opportunity, not wishing to spend his life in some stuffy clerk’s office. He returned to his home town and took over from the old schoolmaster upon his retirement. Things being the way they were he often found himself using his gnarled wooden staff to reprimand and remonstrate with wayward children.

One day, whilst walking through the hillside near the town, he came across one of his class being bullied by the son of a local Blooded noble, taunting him for his scholarly ways. Roused by what he saw as the flagrant attempt to hinder the flow of knowledge he moved in to defend his charge, allowing them to grab his books and flee but the youth stood his ground against what he saw as a weak scholar and Ijurizhen was forced to defend himself with his staff under a relentless assault… made worse when the boy suddenly took Second Breath as a Water Aspect.

As he absorbed the blows, he suddenly felt a preternatural dexterity and resistance fill him and he filled with the might of Luna’s blessing, lashing out with the staff to trip the Terrestrial and catching him a glancing blow enough to knock him out. He promptly fled the scene with an avian kind of grace as he took himself into the wilderness to study the exaltation he had just acquired.

It was during this wandering, when he found himself in the hilly borderlands of the Upper Plateau, that he encountered a fellow Lunar, Risen Bear, who took him in paw and introduced him to the ways of Lunar life and the tenets of the Silver Pact. Shortly after passing through the trials to obtain his moonsilver tattoos, Ijur found his intelligence put to good use in the Winding Path as he extrapolated possible outcomes for the various social experiments that the pack had in mind. He often found himself consulted by others on the sorts of variables that they should take into consideration.

When not discussing societal matters with the Pack, Ijur finds himself on reconnaissance duties as well as general teaching, both to elevate the intelligences of local tribes and schooling young Lunars in history that he himself has readily acquired.



Given that the others are Ess 2, I'll prob drop down as well. Feels odd though... ;)

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