Dwayne Jadestone

Son of a God of Minerals
Motivation: For things to run smoothly.

Born in the deep south, Dwayne grew up in a small mining town. He joined the profession at a young age, before his heritage was clear and spent many years working in the difficult conditions.As he reached maturity he became something of a natural leader in the mine, others looked up to him simply because of his size and strength. He never enjoyed the role, or really took to it though, and eventually it lead to him seeking a new path in life. He tried his hand at a few different things, but ended up being recruited into a Gunzosha commando unit. Again, he found he was talented enough to excel, but it still wasn't his calling in life. However, it did lead in to the situation he now finds himself in. Recruited to assist in both security and maintenance on an airship, he's finally found somewhere he can be happy.

Dwayne is stoic, and somewhat laconic, speaking only when he feels he has something to say. He thinks slowly, but tends to reach the correct conclusions. He is often accused of being lumbering, but his large size belies a surprising agility. He is loyal to a fault and honest without really thinking about it. He enjoys his work and is protective of his friends. He's used to hard work, heavy lifting and warm temperatures.


Strength 5 (4bp) Charisma 2 Perception 3
Dexterity 4 (4bp) Manipulation 2 Intelligence 4
Stamina 4 Appearance 2 Wits 1


Archery Integrity 2 Craft *
Martial Arts Performance Investigation 2
Melee 4 (+2 Axe) (4bp) Presence Lore 1
Thrown Resistance 4 (2bp) Medicine
War Survival Occult
Athletics 4 (+2 FoS) (4bp) Bureaucracy 1 Crafts: (1bp)
Awareness 2 Linguistics Fire 3
Dodge Ride Earth 2
Larceny Sail Pyrognostics 3
Stealth 2 Socialise Geomancy 1


Compassion 2 Willpower 6
Conviction 2 Essence 3
Temperance 3 Pool 37
Valour 3 (5bp) Committed 5
Inheritance 3 +18bp
Patron 2 Father
Artifact 3 Gunzosha Commando Armour
Artifact 3 Bracers of Universal Crafting
Mutation 1bp Large (-0 health level, +1 STR, +1 STA)
Charm 7bp Principle of Motion
Charm 7bp Bane Weapon

Useful Pools
Move: 8yds/tick
Dash: 20yds/tick
Feats of Strength: 13
Sta+Res: 10
Dex+Ste: 10
Per+Awa: 7
Join Battle: 5
Soak: 13B/11L (Hardness: 5)

Attack Spd Acc Dam DV Rate Tags
Mining Axe (Sharp End) 6 12 12L/2 6 1 O, P
Mining Axe (Blunt End) 6 13 14B/2 7 2 O, P