Shroud of Mist

Shroud of Mist is a Sidereal Exalt, Chosen of Secrets. He is independent of the Factions, preferring to do the job he was chosen for rather than waste his effort on a meaningless battle of bureaucratic wills. Although he is young, he has impressed several people within the Bureau of Destiny with his dedication and his ability to pull useful information out of the vaguest of circumstances.

Born to a patrician family of little note in a small town near the source of the Caracal river, Yenshin Kaiji was an inquisitive child. Deeply so, in fact - to an extent which caused his parents no end of trouble with the other families in the area, not to mention the local authorities. As Kaiji grew up, his curiosity seemed to grow with him. Growing tired of the unchanging and transparent workings of his hometown, with no questions to answer, he began to take frequent trips to increasingly distant towns throughout his adolescence - each time coming back with an amusing or fascinating tale of the people he'd seen there.

Eventually he turned his restless attention to the great Imperial City itself. Determined to find out exactly how the Empire was run, he set off on a journey Eastward. Along the way, he stopped in any sizeable town he could find and read as much as he could. He read about history; about the far-flung lands of the Threshold; about the glory of the Dragon-Blooded revolution; and about magic - and this last gave him an unbearable urge to find out what great wonders were contained within the Imperial Manse. And so, upon arriving in the wondrous capital, he tried to find out.

Needless to say, he didn't get very far in his infiltration attempts. However, once the guards were convinced that he meant no real harm, and he'd been soundly beaten - perhaps a little harder than necessary to soothe the guards' embarassment at how far through their defences he'd managed to penetrate - he was approached by a well-dressed man with an oiled goatee. The man introduced himself as An Bao, a trader of sorts, and claimed that he was looking for an apprentice with just such a spark as Kaiji had demonstrated, and wondered if, since Kaiji clearly had nothing better to do, he would like to apply for the position.

Naturally, Kaiji was curious. He agreed, and followed An Bao back to his home. Over the next few months, Kaiji learned that An Bao's trade was that of information - he was in fact a member of the fallen House of Iselsi, and an agent of the All-Seeing Eye. Kaiji threw himself into the apprenticeship like a strix on the hunt, filing and organising all of the spy's information and reports flawlessly, and being able to reproduce much of it on demand. An Bao was greatly pleased with him.

Soon An Bao was re-posted to Chiaroscuro, and Kaiji dutifully followed him. At this point, An Bao considered it prudent to begin sending the young apprentice on his own spying missions. It was during one of these that a circle of three Sidereals came to take him to Yu-Shan and explain his new purpose as one of the Maiden's Chosen. Kaiji, naturally, was thrilled. Soon after, he Exalted as a Chosen of Secrets and began his work for the Division in earnest. On the night of his Exaltation, the Maiden of Secrets herself even visited him in a dream, in which she told him,

"You shall take the name 'Shroud of Mist' and give it to those who ask for it. For this is how they will see you - as a cloak to hide their secrets and keep them buried. But you shall have another name: 'Pervasive Mist'. For this is what you are to me - silent, drifting, intangible; even the tightest seals cannot keep you from entering where you will. One day, someone will call you by this name, and you shall know that they act under my authority."

Since his Exaltation, Mist has joined the Convention of Fire and been appointed to the Convention on Essence Wielders following his successful monitoring of a Yozi cult among the Southern nomads. He has risen in power in this Convention and is now a respected member of the sub-convention on thaumaturges.

Thus far, Mist has resisted Chejop Kejak's attempts to indoctrinate him into the Bronze Faction; he believes that the Factions are wasting valuable (and scarce!) resources by warring with each other, rather than attending to the management of Fate for which it is their honour to be Chosen. However, this thoroughness and dedication to his job has impressed enough people that he has been able to rise through the ranks of the Division of Secrets to some extent - even being granted chairmanship of his own (admittedly minor) Fate-planning committee, S/PI/007. This office oversees a small area in the West of the Southern desert, maintaining the Forbidding Manse of Ivy's interests therein. At least, that's what it does officially...

* * *

Resplendent Destinies:

Yenshin Kaiji, Agent of the All-Seeing Eye

Mist is still in occasional contact with his former master, who has worked his way up the ranks in Chiaroscuro. An Bao believes that the Eye spotted the potential of his pupil much as he himself did, and that Kaiji has been transferred elsewhere as a Southern field agent - although of course, thoughts of his erstwhile protégé rarely cross his mind... An Bao is mostly an administrative agent now, but their paths still cross when Mist has need of some information held within the office of the Eye.

Walks-Brazenly-Amongst-His-Peers, Bronze Faction functionary

Although Mist has stubbornly avoided joining the Bronze Faction on the surface, he understands that its members have access to considerably more information than he does. With this in mind, he crafted a long-enduring Resplendent Destiny as a member. While Sidereals can see through this, gods cannot, and will converse with him just as if he was a genuine Bronze Faction Sideral. They consider him a triviality, a well-meaning but ultimately ineffectual agent not fit for arduous field work - and as a result, he can easily take up a temporary desk job in almost any office. In addition, as part of his work under this identity, he has gained the trust of the Abbot of a small Immaculate monastery in Harbourhead - a relationship which he often uses to arrange legal worship for gods to whom he owes favours.

Raindrop, Eccentric Curiosity Seller

Everyone smiles when this odd character trundles into town. Peddling his unusual - and often interesting - wares all along the Northern coasts of the South, he's always good for a story or an interesting bit of trivia. And his prices are cheap, too - so long as the buyer can tell him a story he hasn't heard yet, or some little tidbit of information about the local noteworthies. One might as well tell him - what harm can the poor fool do?

Dao Tsimiya, Researcher for the Library of Chiaroscuro

Mist has always had very androgynous features, and here he uses those to full effect, posing as a pushy young female researcher for Chiaroscuro's library. She's not afraid to fight to get the information and the texts she wants, and she's determined to find the truth rather than be fobbed off with some excuse or lie. Naturally, she also has access to the resources of the library; while directly this isn't especially useful to one in Mist's position, he often finds it useful to know who has come looking for what information - and, on occasion, to help or hinder their search.


Character sheets for Mist

Mist was designed for Oneiros' one-off, "An Inscribed Pentangle", using this character sheet.

However, he's now playing in Oneiros' SPI campaign, using this character sheet.

- Blackrat

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