Rufus Hokk

Basic Info

Species: Bith
Born: 22 BBY on Clak'dor VII (currently 32)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 180lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Skin: Pale pink


Captain Rufus Hokk was an eminent Outer Rim smuggler, brilliant engineer and heir to the HokkTech business empire. Obsessed with the xeno-archaeology of extinct species, Rufus Hokk spurned a position in the family business to pursue a life of exploration and adventure. Hokk was a one-time associate and apprentice of the infamous[dubious – discuss] crime lord Mormar the Magnificent.

Early Life (22 BBY – 4 BBY)

Rufus Hokk was born in 22 BBY on the Bith homeworld of Clak’dor VII, in the year of the planet’s secession from the Galactic Republic. Born into the wealthy family behind HokkTech, the galaxy’s leading manufacturer of handheld sensor devices, his early life was one of comfort, luxury and study. With large proportion of HokkTech’s clients human, Hokk was given a human first name by his parents with the aim of allowing him to better integrate into the galactic business world.

From an early age, Hokk excelled at science and mathematics. He graduated from school at only 15 and enrolled in the prestigious Weogar College of Science, studying materials science. It was here at the Weogar College of Science that Hokk met the distinguished professor of archaeology, Herian D'Rel. Professor D’Rel and Hokk became close friends and it was from D’Rel that Hokk first gained his thirst for xeno-archaeology that would eventually lead to him leaving his homeworld.

First Adventures (4 BBY)

“The first rule of mining is don’t die in a cave-in.”
- Rufus Hokk, to chief-miner Baracus

After graduating from the Weogar College of Science, Hokk shocked his family by turning down a place on the board of HokkTech. Instead Hokk chose to become a freelance engineer in the Outer Rim. Unknown to his parents, Hokk was convinced that he had discovered the location of the hidden burial temple of a long forgotten Quarren Jedi.

Hokk travelled to the remote mining world of Khronos Prime and found employment as a surveyor with the local Red Dog Mining Company. Khronos Prime was a brutal and largely uncharted planet, too isolated to be of any strategic value to either side in the First Galactic Civil War. Hokk’s brilliance as a scientist and engineer soon won over the trust of the local miners as productivity soared and mining accidents dramatically declined. Hokk was able to lead the mine workers towards the discovery of massive deposits of crystalline minerals. However, unbeknown to the miners, Hokk was intentionally leading them closer to the underground temple and his ultimate goal.

Once within meters of his target, Hokk convinced the Red Dog mine workers that the tunnel had become unsafe and that no-one should enter it until he could assess the structural problems. Hokk continued digging in secret and alone at night until he eventually broke through to the temple chamber.

As soon as Hokk broke through, he found himself ambushed by Red Dog security staff. The temple around him lit by glowing green crystals, Hokk learnt that the Red Dog Mining Company had been searching for the Quarren jedi’s burial site too and had known from the start that the temple was Hokk’s true target. Red Dog was under the control of the Galactic Empire and had been ordered to imprison Hokk until Imperial agents could interrogate him.

Hokk was thrown in the brig at the mine. He knew that the Imperial agents on the planet were almost certain to torture and then execute him.

Mormar the Magnificent (4 BBY - 2 BBY)

“The first rule of any jail-break is to find the keys on that dead guard over there.”
- Rufus Hokk, to Mormar the Magnificent

Khronos Prime was a planet infested with criminals and scum during the time of the Galactic Empire. The most famous inhabitant[neutrality is disputed] was an Ithorian who went by the name of Mormar the Magnificent. Like Hokk, Mormar had been born into a noble family. Mormar had wanted to make a name for himself and entered into a life of criminality. After a botched coup on Garos IV, Mormar was forced to flee to the far reaches of the Outer Rim on his ship, The Hidden Sun. Following a narrow escape from Garos IV, Mormar’s ship encountered technical problems and was forced to drop out of hyperspace near Khronos Prime.

Having left Garos IV in a hurry and far from the civilised core of the galaxy, Mormar was without both his family fortune and network of connections. He and his crew were forced to take on any and all work that they could get until their ship could be repaired. Between 7 BBY and 4 BBY, Mormar and his crew’s reputation as outlaws, smugglers and guns for hire grew on the planet.

Fortuitously for Hokk, Mormar heard about the rich minerals being found at the Red Dog’s mining base and had decided to take the mine over by force. Mormar’s gang infiltrate the mining workforce and disabled Red Dog’s automated security system. Mormar was then able to lead a successful invasion of the mine and repelled Imperial agent reinforcements when they arrived days later. Mormar freed Hokk from the brig and, noticing Hokk’s obvious noble accent, offered him a place on his crew. Hokk was desperate and unable to refuse the offer.

With a regular income from the mine, Mormar soon had enough money to repair his ship. Hokk played a prominent role in the repair work and soon made a new home for himself in The Hidden Sun’s engine room. His crime empire slowly expanding, Mormar continued to use Khronos Prime as his base of operations even after The Hidden Sun was space-worthy.

The Imperial Incident (2 BBY)

“The first rule of survival is don’t get shot.”
- Rufus Hokk, to Odar Keth

An abrasive Ugnaught named Shen had been Mormar’s main source of employment since he landed on Khronos Prime. Shen was a long-time resident of the planet and had a strong network of clients who often required a discrete team of outsiders for special assignments.

The arrangement held for several years but, as Mormar’s domain expanded, Shen became to see him less as a partner and more as a threat to his own interests. After Mormar inexplicably failed to return a captured pair of force-sensitive twins for one of Shen’s clients, Sable Dawn, Shen decided that it was time to get rid of the outsider.

With The Hidden Sun fully repaired, Shen sent Mormar and his gang on a mission to deliver arms to a moon being used by pirates. The money offered was too good for Mormar to turn down. Unbeknown to Mormar, the pirate moon-base had been cleared out by Imperial forces weeks before his arrival and a garrison of Storm Troopers was still stationed there.

Mormar and his gang landed and unloaded the cargo. A nervous-looking droid welcomed Mormar and ushered him inside the base. Imperial Storm Troopers lay in wait and attempted to execute the group for piracy. Fortunately, the Imperial forces had underestimated the now battle-hardened gang and a fire fight broke out between the two factions. Mormar and his crew were able to escape to their ship and flee the moon.

Assault Gunboats were dispatched to intercept The Hidden Sun and, after a long dog-fight, managed to disable Mormar’s ship with ion cannons. The Hidden Sun had been badly damaged in the combat and Imperial Storm Troopers boarded the ship.

Hokk and Odar Keth had been frantically trying to restore shields from the engine room when The Hidden Sun was breached. Hearing gun blasts upstairs, as Mormar and the rest of the crew tried to repel the boarders, Hokk had to make a split second decision on whether to help fight or hide. Hokk knew that The Hidden Sun would never make it to the nearest space port if he was killed and so convinced Keth to hide with him in the vents.

Within thirty minutes, the blaster noise from upstairs had stopped. Scanning the ship with his handheld sensor, Hokk realised that he and Keth were the only ones left alive on the ship. Hokk also knew that the fate of any pirate ship found by Imperial forces would be destruction.

“One: Take the space suits. Two: Put on the space suits. Three: Shut down the engines. Four: Step back and observe results.”
- Rufus Hokk, to Odar Keth

Hokk and Keth crawled out of the vent and Hokk quickly explained his plan. The pair donned space suits and Hokk shut down all power on the badly damaged ship. As Hokk had expected, The Hidden Sun vented all atmospheric gas and drifted into a decaying orbit around the planet below the moon. Knowing that the ship would soon be destroyed on impact the Imperial forces departed, satisfied that another pirate organisation had been dismantled.

As The Hidden Sun hurtled towards the planet below, Hokk desperately attempted to repair what was left of the ship. Only moments before impact, Hokk managed to re-engage the thrusters and Keth was able to direct the ship towards a soft landing.

Hokk and Keth spent the next weeks repairing the ship. Hokk’s time on Khronos Prime had taught him well and he was able to improvise enough parts to get The Hidden Sun space-worthy again. Sadly, the bodies and most of the personal belongings of Mormar and the rest of the crew had disappeared. Hokk assumed that their bodies had been sucked out off the ship with the gas when the power was shut down.

Captaincy and Legitimacy (2 BBY – 9 ABY)

"The first rule of being a member of my crew is don't scratch the paintwork on my ship."
Rufus Hokk, to Zaalbar

Hokk was devastated by the loss of his friend and mentor. He searched the ship but the only personal belonging of Mormar left was his distinctive leather jacket with ‘0’ printed on the back. The jacket had once belonged to Kid Zero, the leader of a local biker gang called The Small Numbers. When Mormar assassinated Kid Zero, he took the jacket as a trophy and had worn it ever since. Hokk decided that the logical choice would be to wear the captain’s jacket.

Hokk took the captaincy of The Hidden Sun and recruited a new crew. Some stayed for only a short while, some died in the line of duty. Eventually the group settled down as Hokk, Keth, Navik and Zaalbar.

Together they smuggled goods and acted as hired guns. Hokk’s hatred of the Galactic Empire led to an increasing bond with the recently formed New Republic. Although the New Republic did not always agree with Hokk’s methods, they shared Shen’s earlier need for a discrete and independent group to perform their more controversial operations.

Although now captain, Hokk still took a hands-on approach to the operation of his ship. All of the damage caused during the Imperial Incident was quickly repaired. Hokk next project was an extensive upgrade of the ship’s systems using experimental HokkTech equipment. In return, Hokk agreed to feed new ideas back to the family business. When not in the engine room, Hokk could be found in the captain’s office, surrounded by the xeno-archaeological artefacts that he had recovered on his many smuggling runs.

Personality and traits

“What do you mean all you want is this ugly statue? We’re sitting on a million creds of loot here! You’re a weird one, Hokk.”
- Sindori Ja, to Rufus Hokk

Hokk was known for his inventive mechanic skills, pragmatic approach to problems and dry wit. He approached everything in life as a logical problem that could be solved and was often accused of speaking like a textbook.

Born into a noble family and a species that could no longer naturally reproduce, Hokk did not share the same desires as most smugglers. His main motivations were always the pursuit of knowledge, adventure and ancient artefacts.

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