Odar Keth

Basic Info

Species: Zabrak
Born: 18 BBY on Iridonia (currently 28)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: None
Skin:Tan/Yellow, lightly tattooed


A long time ago (but still in this galaxy) Odar Keth was a successful computer programmer on his homeworld of Iridonia. He made a reasonable living reprogramming droids and writing small-scale software for household computers. As he learnt more and more about programming, he discovered a knack for slicing, and developed a small sideline business strictly outside of office hours. This lasted only until a smuggler lord who called himself Mormar the Magnificent hired him for a slicing job and then threatened to expose him. Knowing the harsh punishments he would face at the hands of the Zabrak court, Keth reluctantly agreed to join Mormar's crew as navigator and slicer.

When Mormar's reign was ended by a frustrated business associate named Shen, Keth was one of the only two crew members to survive - the other being Rufus Hokk. Hokk's ingenuity allowed the pair to escape unseen along with their ship, and they became firm friends. Hokk took over the captaincy and they continued their trade, albeit with slightly less savagery than their erstwhile boss. The crew has grown by two more, and the Hidden Sun now finds itself drafted into the New Republic Intelligence service following several successful contracts during the Galactic Civil War.

Personality and traits

“Like all droids, it runs on rules, so it's easy - just a question of changing the rules. The only slight complication is that its first rule appears to be 'shoot the programmer'.”
- Odar Keth, to Rufus Hokk

Keth is a reserved and introverted character who always plans before acting. He's a man of his word and reserves a special hatred for anyone who goes back on a bargain. He's not known for his sense of humour, although this does allow him the occasional well-timed deadpan.

He's also a fast learner and is capable of filling a number of roles within the team. He takes a particular interest in studying cultures, and has compiled a decent amount of knowledge on the many denizens that make up the Galactic population. With the demise of the Empire brought about by a boy who should have been little more than a farmhand, Keth finds himself increasingly curious about the strange old cult known as the Jedi.

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