Hero-in-a-Half-Shell is a young man taken from privilege and plenty to the edges of the world where he must run from his former life to stay alive. Armed only with a powerful ancient scroll, three talented brothers, two magic swords, a can-do attitude and the shapeshifting power of a mercurial god grafted to his soul, who knows what lies in store for this pizza-loving reptile-boy.


Cathak Leon Ardo, or 'Hero-in-a-Half-Shell'

Motivation: To ensure the safety and freedom of the Scrolls
Anima: A big turtle
Intimacies: His brothers; pizza; helping the good guys

Str 3; Dex 5; Sta 5 [3bp]
Cha 4; Man 1; App 4
Per 2; Int 2; Wit 3

Athletics 3; Awareness 3; Integrity 3; Linguistics 2 (Old Realm, Riverspeak Native: High Realm); Lore 1 [3xp]; MA 5 (+3 Short Daiklaves) [3.5bp]; Presence 3; Resistance 3; Survival 3 (+1 Underwater) [2.5bp]; War 2 [5xp]

Compassion 4 [3bp]; Conviction 2; Temperance 2 [3xp]; Valour 4 [3bp]
Willpower 8

Limit Break: Curse of the Lone Wolf, Current Limit: 8

Artifact 3 (Moonsilver Short Daiklaves); Heart's Blood 1; Henchman 2 x3 (3 Turtle Brothers)

Essence 3 (Personal: 19, Peripheral: 44, Committed: 21) [16xp]

Committed Essence: 6 on Moonsilver Daiklaves, 5 on Deadly Beastman Transformation, 4 on Armour Forming Technique (Gift), 2 on Bruise-Relief Method (Gift), 4 on Halting the Scarlet Flow (Gift)

Knacks: Deadly Beastman Transformation (Mutations: Hooves, Serpentine Tongue, Thick Skin, Water-Breathing)
Charms: 1st Dexterity; 2nd Stamina; Armour-Forming Technique; Bruise-Relief Method; Frenzied Bear Fortification [8xp]; Halting the Scarlet Flow; Hide-Toughening Essence [8xp]; Ox-Body Technique x2 [8xp]; Steadfast Yeddim Meditation [8xp]; Relentless Lunar Fury; Durable Battle Mind [8xp]; Swallowing the Lotus [8xp]

MA Charms:
Lunar Hero - Foot-Trapping Counter [4xp]; Rabid Beast Attitude [4xp]; Thousand Claw Infliction [4xp]; Lunar Hero Form [4xp]

Even Blade - Death Between Heartbeats [2xp]; Breath and Essence Control [2xp]; Close Your Eyes and Look [2xp]; Even Blade Form [2xp]; Fiery Garda Force Attack [2xp]

Combat, DV's and such (numbers after slashes=DBT stats)

Short Daiklaves: Speed 4; Accuracy 20/21; Damage +8/9L; PDV 9; Rate 4; Tags -
Punch: Speed 5; Accuracy 11/12; Damage 3/4B; PDV 6/7; Rate 3; Tags N
Kick: Speed 5; Accuracy 10/11; Damage 6/9B; PDV 5; Rate 2; Tags N
DDV: 4
Soak: 2L/5B (human); 5L/8B (DBT); 8L/11B (HTE); 11L/14B/3A (AFT); 14L/17B/3A (AFT+DBT); 20L/23B/3A (AFT+HTE+DBT)


Health: -0x1 / -1x2 / -2x10 / -4x1 / Incapx1 / Dyingx9 (10 in DBT)


Silver Whirlwind [4xp] - 1st Dexterity, Close Your Eyes and Look

XP: 110, 5 unspent


I don't remember much of the change. There was goo; the same goo that filled the Wyld caverns we searched, the luminescent, green goo which Sifu Splinter always called an 'essence mutagen'. It tasted funny when we fell in it, I remember that.

And I remember the turtle. There was all sorts of sea life under there. At least I think it was sea life. Everything was sort of... twisted, well, like I say, I don't remember that well. But there was a giant turtle. It caught my brothers on it's back, before they sank too far. I swam to them, gathered them up in arms bigger (and greener) than my own had ever been before, and then swam up. It was like swimming through treacle. I'm sure I almost drowned with the effort. As we escaped the goo, and I hauled myself onto the slick green rocks, I'm sure I saw the turtle smile at me. There was silver light, everywhere. Then I passed out.


Wait, that's not the beginning. Sorry, it's still preying on my mind: the change, Master Splinter, what it all means. But I should start at the beginning.

I was born Cathak Garel Leon Ardo, fourth child of the great Realm general, Cathak Garel Jadzia. I was the first of quadruplets; the birth was seen as inauspicious as five would have been a better number, the midwife said. That and there could have been a girl.

Yes, one of four brothers. My mother mourned, but at least there was Exaltation to look forward to. My previous three siblings had all Exalted. Cathak Garel Numen worked on the Isle as a bureaucrat. Cathak Garel Manchen ran a satrapy in the Southern Threshold. Cathak Garel Oroku Saki was the most feared, fanatical member of the Wyld Hunt since Peleps Deled. He was nicknamed 'The Shredder', and a great source of familial pride.

It had been over 150 years since my mother had had children, given her long and active service to the legions. Truth be told, I don't really think she liked having children much. She already had three exemplary offspring, but the Realm's breeding policies eventually overcame even their achievements. So me and my brothers were conceived and born and brought up in the whirligig of Isle schooling.

It's funny, I remember the word 'whirligig' but I don't really remember a thing about my education. The change took it away, along with many other memories. It's been so useful that Dona Tello remembers. But I digress.

The important thing is not one of me or my brothers Exalted. My mother was mortified, or so I hear. Mic Hel Angelo informs me we didn't see her after the age of 13. "Bring me back when they have been blessed", he believes she said. So we were lumped off into the Order as her contrition.

We were good there, at first; we were all talented martial artists, the curriculum suited Dona Tello's scholarly bent and even Rapha El was getting something out of the discipline. But apparently it wasn't enough. Our own brother, Saki 'The Shredder', summoned us to the Wyld Hunt. We had made enemies of the Abbot (I know Rapha El knows something about this, why won't he talk to me?), I remember that much. It was whispered that Saki felt his mother's pain at our failure as well, and was going to take us with him to see that failure wiped out.

Sorry, I should make this clear: our brother did not mean to kill us, only let us die. Fewer than one in ten mortal monks taken who accompany the Wyld Hunt survive their first mission, it is said. The battles of the Dragon-Blooded with the Anathema are no place for mortals. So he brought us along. I could see the pain of our being there whenever he looked upon us. But there was also sympathy.

It had been said of Saki that he was a bastard, a result of our mother's secret liason with a Outcaste Water Aspect of low breeding. The signs of high birth were certainly shorter in him than my other two other Exalted siblings; and he was chosen of Danaa'd, while they and my mother all bore the blessing of Hesiesh. His rise through the ranks of the Order and his fanatical Immaculatism had been attributed to this rumour; he always believed he had to prove he was worthy of his blessing. While he had proved it to everybody else, I saw he had not done so to himself. Somewhere within his disgust at us there lay a common ground. He did not know it, but I saw.

So we came to the caverns where myself and my (mortal) brothers changed. We were said to be following a shapeshifting Anathema, of the sort I now... am. A Lunar. The land was strange around the caves. Features changed; always subtly, never while you were looking, but it became impossible to keep our bearings. There was an astrologer within the group who knew magics to guide us, however. We simply followed them to the caverns.

The caverns themselves were more of a labyrynth than the world outside. There were dark tunnels and twisting bridges through and over huge spaces, at the bottom of which were often lakes and rivers off the green goo I've already described. We were told not to touch the goo on pain of death. So myself, my mortal brothers, Saki, three other Blooded and the astrologer (whose name escapes me) searched and searched. We found nothing.

That was until we were attacked. The rat-men came from everywhere, dressed as ninja, squeezing through holes in the walls and roof no normal man could fit through. That was when we were knocked into the goo. Saki, the other Blooded and the astrologer were able to make their escape, but we were left stuck on a narrow bridge over a lake. We fought back to back, side by side, and killed many before we were overwhelmed.

And so, the change. Like I said, I don't remember much. When I came to one of the rat-men was standing over us. He was bigger than the others, with silver markings, and said his name was Splinter. I learned that he was the Lunar we had been hunting, that the rat-men were his clan. He said that he would train us, especially me, for I had been blessed by Luna.

What choice did we have? We were all Anathema now, just me a little more so. So Splinter became our Sifu; he tatooed me to fix my form, and taught us all how to fight, even more than what the Order had. He spoke of ages gone past, full of glory and splendour and corruption. He gave us our coloured bandana, that we might tell each other apart. It's useless for us now, but helps people we meet.

We spent all this time in the caverns, and whenever we asked when could we leave, Sifu Splinter would say "Soon.". What felt to us like weeks, months past. When we were to emerge from the caverns later, Dona Tello found that it was only a matter of days that we were there.

We left shortly after Sifu Splinter called me to the dojo, alone. He gave me a scroll, a scroll he called 'The Way of the Lunar Hero'. He said it had taught him many things, and that if I followed it correctly, it would teach me many things also. That the scrolls and their wisdom be free to all to learn was of the utmost importance to him; it is now of the utmost importance to me.

He then bid us leave, gifting us with the weapons we now carry. Mine is the only one crafted of moonsilver; my brother's weapons are mortal talismans. He told us that Saki would return, with more troops, and it was no longer safe here. He made me swear to protect the scroll. When I said that we could fight him together, that together we would be strong enough, Sifu said:

"No, there is another."

That is all he would say. We left, not looking back. Now we wander the world, so I may learn from the scrolls.




Your mum

Is my character! I hate you. You're an ass. But I must confess; a glorious ass. Mutagenic essence goo? Really? Sigh.

Gang up, take down

BSR, I think we should gang up to kick his enshelled ass.

Bring It

You guys better not mess with the turtle power over here...

Remember, when the evil martial artists attack, these turtle boys don't cut 'em no slack!



It's cool, I have negative intimacies to other exalt types (soon all of them), so i'm pretty much gonna hate all y'all.

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