The Scrolls of the Monk

The Scrolls of the Monk is now entering Chapter Two, where PBP is replaced by Face-to-Face sessions.

Chapter Two begins several weeks after the last PBP post, and events have conspired to draw the four heroes to Nexus. Angel arrived first, travelling through the Underworld from Sijan, where he had successfully trained under Blood Tiger who then gave him the First Pulse Scroll. He has spent a few weeks in the city investigating the Five Shade Association, who hold a scroll, and The Guild, who hold another.

Halfway though these investigations he was joined by Nascent Blossom, who had been assured by Unity of Whispers that the Abyssal was a potential ally. It was Unity that had emerged from the guise of Ledaal Catala Meera once he was safely outside fate and with the help of his protégé and some astounded dynasts subdued an Abyssal, from whom Nascent Blossom took the White Veil Scroll. Unity was able to explain the machinations behind Nascent’s departure from Yu Shan, and gave some more information about the scrolls.

The third to arrive in Nexus was Leon Ardo, and his brothers, who emerged from the Firewander District. They had been guided through The Wyld by their master, who told them to join with a Sun-Child, a Star-Child, and a Fallen-Sun-Child. It didn’t take too long to track down the former two. This group had in their possession one of the four identical scrolls shown on the map, those of the Even Blade Style. This one was written by Resolute Brigada, who Leon Ardo had defeated with the help of a Faery bauble he picked up as a thank you for a surreal, but rather fun, encounter.

Finally, they were joined by Perfected Lotus, who arrived in a stormwind rider driven by, of all people, an immaculate monk. The monk felt that he owed his one-time enemy a favour for the latter’s help in exposing a fake Wyld Hunt in The Lap. The monk left quickly to seek an alliance with his one-time enemy, a so-called ‘anathema’ who had been the only one fighting the underworld-influenced sabotage of The Lap. This anathema had loaned Lotus the Golden Exhalation Scroll as a thank you.