The Five-Score Fellowship

The Maidens did decree that the ranks of the Viziers should number five score and no more. In these troubled times turnover amongst the Sidereal Exalted is somewhat higher than it used to be as they find themselves stretched ever thinner in dealing with the problems of Fate...

The 'canon' Sidereals listed below are present in this campaign; however, not all of them may show up or have an impact on events as they play out...

Chosen of Journeys

  • Ayesha Ura
  • Shepherd of the North Star

Chosen of Serenity

  • Gracious Shaia
  • Iron Siaka
  • Venerable Silk

Chosen of Battles

  • Anys-Syn
  • Crimson Banner Executioner
  • Maduka Shin
  • Righteous Tsunami

Chosen of Secrets

  • Chejop Kejak
  • Dozima Wokish
  • Green Lady
  • Lupo
  • May Blossom
  • Sapphire Sparrow

Chosen of Endings

  • Black Ice Shadow
  • Nazri
  • Sad Ivory (Ahn-Aru)
  • Shajah Holok