Grand Timeline

Here is the extended timeline for S:PI to help contextualise the events that take place in the campaign. All years are given in the Old Realm standard which begins with the ending of the Primordial War. A more detailed timeline covering 4995 onwards will be forthcoming soon :)

Year     Event
0     End of Primordial War, Three Spheres Cataclysm
1     Merela accepts Crown of Thunders and Creation Ruling Mandate;
9     Brigid returns to Sperimin with the secrets of sorcery
100     Merela establishes central government for Creation in Meru
108     Meru War begins
109     Meru War ends with creation of Solar Deliberative and Merela as Queen; Great Geas placed on Jadeborn
121     Autocthon departs Creation
639     First Dissolution Invasion of the FF
652     First Dissolution Invasion of the FF ends with Solars casting back the Wyld
1107     Rogue Primordial strikes Creation, starting the Aftershock War
1215     Aftershock War ends
2325     Time of Cascading Years begins - Time becomes subjective
2543     Time of Cascading Years ends… kinda
2544     Period of Long Silence Begins
2576     Cam Roune is born in Deheleshen
2595     Cam Roune exalts
2626     Period of Long Silence Ends
2678     Deliberative re-established
3193     I AM activated
3366     Black Nadir Concordat emerges with secrets of necromancy
3493     Operation Wyldhand begins
3494     Operation Wyldhand ends
3550     UCS turns his face from the Solar Deliberative
3650     All Sidereals recalled to Yu-Shan for Grand Convocation
3700     The Usurpation begins followed by decades of war
3739     Start of the Shogunate
4139     Great Contagion hits Creation; Second Dissolution Invasion (Balorian Crusade)
4232     Scarlet Empress activates Realm Defence Grid, drives back the FF and founds the Realm
4234     Imperial City is founded
4250     Anisa-Shoshan executed for consorting with Yozis; Ryzala takes over B/Hea
4258     Yu-Shan gates are re-opened
4302     Syndics take control of Whitewall
4309     God War begins
4315     God War ends - Chiaroscuro & Tchoto-Killi destroyed
4644     Night of Weeping Scribes
4723     Red Dawn is born in Aliston
4734     Shroud-of-Mist is born in the Realm
4753     RD & SoM exalt
4780     Succour-in-Extremis is born in Kajeth
4782     Ennico Sorrel is born in Greyfalls
4801     SiE and ES exalt
4802     Spinning Pyramid born in Varangia
4821     SP exalts
4837     Ledaal Takezo born in the Realm
4864     LT exalts
4994     Empress disappears during Calibration
4995     Regent Fokuf elected; Mask of Winters conquers Thorns
4996     Current Year