Case 4: Mission Profile

Another day, another coin of quintessence. It has been about five or six weeks since you turned over your findings to the censors and learnt of the effective dissolution of the League of Stalwart Seasons.

You’ve been going about your various businesses when a summons from Shroud of Mist brings you all back to the offices of S/PI/007 in the Perfected Lotus. It would appear that the heavenly bureaucrats assigned to the office have registered some small snags in the Loom regarding the actual area assigned to this fate-planning committee. It almost feels weird to have to do something connected with this office’s ‘real’ purpose.

To: SM-J1001 (Chair), Creation Agency S/PI/007, Forbidding Manse of Ivy, Most Excellent Designers of Destiny & Sidereal Conjunctions
From: Office of the Central Orchestrator, Directorate of Creation Agencies, Forbidding Manse of Ivy, Most Excellent Designers of Destiny & Sidereal Conjunctions
Copied: Tir-va, Department of Notifications & Administration, Convention of Essence Wielders

Recent analyses and observations of the Loom indicate the presence of a fate disruption in your sector of Creation, approximately 715 miles due east of Gate 55. You are hereby instructed to organise a reconnaissance mission to investigate and report back. Resonance signatures appear to indicate involvement by elemental spirits.

Estimated probability of Celestial Exalted presence: 25.2%
Estimated probability of demonic presence: 2.7%
Estimated probability of Fair Folk presence: 9.2%

As you start discussing this, one of the office staff comes bearing the following message:

I am hoping that this request finds a receptive ear. I have been approached by a colleague who has a bit of a difficult situation with some elementals and wondered if I knew anyone who may be able to help him. A mutual friend suggested I tried contacting this office; she said you could be relied upon for discretion. If you are willing, my colleague and I shall be waiting by the lake in Hyaline Park the next time the Golden Barque leaves the Quay of Dawn.