Wherein our heroes can reflect on those cutters who have crossed their paths.

DM's Note:
A) Don't be misled by the 'Incidental' and 'Key Player' divisions; NPCs may cross category as events unfold...
B) Names in red indicate NPCs you've heard of but not actually met.

Key Players


“Sly” Nye – Male tiefling Xaositect lawyer; successful and renowned but not well-regarded in legal circles. Has a tendency to infuriate lawful-types. Maintains an office in the Dusty Wig tavern.
Angrakara - Female duergar leader accompanying Unquath in the Mines of Marsellis.
Barask - Dwarven outrider in charge of scouting activities for the Mithril Steel based in Scrapheap.
Cosimo - Nondescript Verdurant captain observed through Janae's scrying. Promoted to Commander of the Verdurant following Commander Laskell's death. Lead the Athar taskforce to Darke Peake via Curst. Slain by Derenn'ai revealing the possessing spirit of a harvester devil.
Dargalla - Stunning succubus who breached Darke Peake to free an imprisoned marilith. Stunned by Kareema which inadvertantly released the bound demoness.
Darkscale, Skaro - Male dracotaur. Attempted to bar entrance to the shrine of Falazure and exterminate the party. Slain by Adelai.
Darrst, Tonas - Male cansin serving as Chief Clerk of the Daranel Embassy in Sigil.
Deorak - Male half-celestial dwarven master smith who occasionally provides services to Orondil.
Dyrr, Laygon – Male drow spy, originally from Menzoberranzan (Faerûn). Abandoned on the planes after an ill-fated expedition to the Demonweb Pits. Ex-Athar. Infiltrated the Shattered Temple on Orondil’s behalf.
Ebonbane - Tortured spirit-bound sword being held in a cell at Darke Peake.
Farcrystal, Janae – Human diviner, based at the Guild of Divinatory Practitioners in Guildhall Ward. Discovered enough details of the Athar plot to free Orondil. Killed in a feedback explosion but subsequently returned to life by Astran.
Gornol - Male tiefling, member of the Guild of Portal Mechanics. Accompanied the Verdurant to Darke Peake. Took his blade to Adelai but was subsequently dispossessed. Slain by ??
Haftsilver, Brondwyn - Female dwarven cleric of Haela Brightaxe and member of the Mithril Steel.
Heraklion – Male cleric of Aoskar, member of the Company of Doors. Slain by ??
Hobard – Athar factor based at the Shattered Temple; human wizard.
Horgoth - Venerable male aasimar currently serving as Vizier of Daranel. Reckoned to be at least four centuries old.
Huralgin – Male harvester devil (falxugon) apparently loyal to Archduchess Fierna. Has acted as her emissary in Sigil. Athar informant who revealed location of Solomon Kûl'Amar. Impressed by the PCs abilities.
Jadespan, Berril - Male half-emerald dragon cleric of Chronepsis based at The Eyrie in Sigil. Guided the party through the Mausoleum.
Jarro - Male tiefling dirgesinger, companion of Dargalla in freeing a marilith from Darke Peake. Slain by Derenn'ai.
Jorrst, Thandar - Male cansin; current Emissary of Daranel in Sigil and head of the branch of the Daranel Diplomatic Service based there.
Lothar – Young Verdurant guard who accompanied the mission to Darke Peake. Sole Verdurant survivor. Last seen in Orondil's care for debriefing.
Lugovir - Male half-elf from Radovan's Keep in Ysgard. Free League mercenary captured on Minethys by formorians. Escaped and was rescued from pursuit on Colothys. Provided directions for a portal to Darke Peake.
Miz'zaranaraa – Marilith connected to the forces of Malcanthet who was freed during the raid on Darke Peake. Took a shine to Kreldorr.
Moktal, Derron – High Priest of Aoskar at Riftkeep Towers. Formerly involved in a power struggle with Racina.
Olarr - Villager from Silent Rock who sought a cure for his village's plight at the Apothecary of Sin. Assisted in his quest by benevolent members of the party.
Orona – Female half-orc barbarian, member of the Company of Doors. Slain by ??
Pharopyronyx – Servitor of the draconic deity Falazure; bound to the greataxe orginially wielded by Skaro Darkscale.
Rexxon – Human Athar wizard based at the safe-house in Nagalith. Brutally slain by Kreldorr.
Sarala – Female enchantress, assistant to Rexxon. Surrendered and granted her freedom; established with a new life by Orondil at request of the PCs.
Selviro – Male elven vampire, prince of a wood eleven tribe from Arborea who went missing on a Lower Planes expedition about 20 years ago. Under the thrall of Racina until Adelai managed to repress her control.
Shaledelver, Tarlak - Chief engineer and foreman of the Mithril Steel expedition to the Mines of Marsellis who employed protection from Orondil.
Silvertooth - Male half-fiend human, a deputy commander of the Verdurant. Noted for an overlong, silver incisor. Accompanied Laskell to Nagalith, where he was banished by Kareema to the Beastlands, and Cosimo to Darke Peake, where he died by the flashing blade of Kreldorr.
Sinmaker, The - Male yugoloth and expert herbalist. Runs the poison emporium at the Apothecary of Sin on Cathrys.
Sorandra - Priestess of Malcanthet at the Temple of the Abyss in Sigil.
Spraysil, Rowanna - Female human clerk at the Daranel Central Archive.
Starsoarer, Zorayna - Female elf serving as the Master of Magic at the Silverlute Bardic College. Somewhat dismissive of non-arcane magic. Widely expected to be the next Grandmaster of the the college
Swan's Song, Aryl – Mercykiller factor and 2-i-c of the faction. Paragon of paladinhood who leads the Sons of Mercy sub-faction.
Tayven – Female aasimar, former assistant of Orondil. Apparently betrayed her employer to cast her lot in with Evelyn for unknown reasons.
Trident – Male (elven) water genasi member of the Company of Doors. Slain by ??
Valorin, Irenee - Female guide hired in Vycontin. Took a shine to Adelai.
Wayfarer, Corsil - Male human in his mid-forties; cleric of Siamorphe and court genealogist of Daranel.
Xxoxxynxx - Unknown prisoner of Darke Peake, housed in a flooded cell.