Campaign History

Wherein our heroes can remember briefly what has gone before.

Session 1 (15/09/07) - Rifts of Faith
Having been assembled by their patron and employer, Orondil, the heroes ventured to Riftkeep Towers, deep within the Outlands in search of the artifact staff, Recantor. Battling their way through the tower, they faced all manner of adversaries from a trapped atrium floor to an enthralled vampire prince. An encounter with the temple's High Priest, Derron Moktal, placed them in the middle of a power struggle. Having defeated a giant bodyguard, they found themselves facing the power of a proxy...

Session 1a (30/09/07) - Rifts of Faith
This showdown pitted the mettle of the heroes against a proxy of a fallen god, the undead troops of a halfling necromancer, a multi-level battlefield and the nemesis of one of the party's own. Through a combination of wits and bravery, the heroes won out slaying the proxy, Falazon, and trapping the necromancer on the Gateway Throne. Job well done and undeterred by the threats of an Athar commander, they headed back to Sigil.

Session 2 (03/11/07 World D&D Day) - Speak of the Devil
Having been harried and harrangued by the Athar, our heroes found themselves and their employer arrested and charged with the theft of Recantor. With the aid of an unpredictable lawyer and the judicious use of covert investigation, the threads of a wide-reaching plot were revealed as well as the betrayal by a trusted colleague. Having obtained full acquittals, the party pursued the Athar to the village of Nagalith where the ensuing battle was not quite enough to stop the information being sought from leaking out. But at least Laskell was comatosed and a senior Athar wizard dead-booked, though attention of a devilish kind may now be upon them...

Session 3 (25/11/07) - Peake Performance
With the Athar now in possession of information and Laskell dead, the party attempted to get to Darke Peake before the Verdurant. Moving from Sigil to the Mausoleum of Chronepsis, they encountered a disgruntled servant of Falazure and his pyroclastic dragon, as well as figures from their dreams. On to Vycontin and the poisonous jungles of Cathrys, followed by aiding a wretch at the Apothecary Sin before stepping through the portal to Colothys...

Session 4 (19/01/08) - Peake Performance
Amidst the rocky landscape, our heroes slew the misshapen formorians pursuing a lone half-elf, who helpfully provided directions to the prison they sought. A portal hop later, and now accompanied by the spirit of a rogue modron, they contemplated the assault on Darke Peake - as others had the same thought... a ship of chaos, ranked Mercykiller and gehreleth forces, a demonic rescue party, the Verdurant and the Tayven/Evelyn force (though this last was not actually seen) all made for some rather busy visiting hours! In the end a marilith was freed, the suicidal Solomon spirited away and a strange possessing force banished from the body of the Verdurant commander in a somewhat frenetic three-way battle.

Session 5 (16/02/08) - A Rustic Past
Taking a break from the investigations and politicking, our heroes decided to accept a job from Orondil in search of honest payment. The mission, should they choose to accept it (which they did), was to accompany a group of dwarven miners/crafters to the Mines of Marsellis via the waystation town of Scrapheap. After an evening's hearty carousing and an impromptu drinking contest between Derenn'ai and Kreldorr, they set off across the landscape of Thuldanin. A brief altercation with some chanting kobolds and a rust dragon led to the loss of two dwarves and a favoured weapon. Once in the mines, the genasi discovered that it *was* the site of his previous ill-fated expedition... and ran into another survivor, the twisted form of Unquath Shaelara, his duergar servitors and his patanquin resulting in a battle across the unstable scrap and eventual victory. Further searches revealed the broken hold of a sought-after spelljammer, and the contents that await in the darkness therein...