Cosmology of PCT

Wherein we learn the lie of the lands.

PCT uses the Great Wheel cosmology as used in the 2E Planescape setting including the full set of Inner Planes and the congregation of all the multiverse's pantheons. Timeline-wise, the planes and politics are as they were just prior to the Faction War (see TSR02629 for more info about that little debacle).

For reference the planar arrangement is:
* 1 The Outlands
* 2 Elysium
* 3 The Beastlands
* 4 Arborea
* 5 Ysgard
* 6 Limbo
* 7 Pandemonium
* 8 The Abyss
* 9 Carceri
* 10 The Gray Waste
* 11 Gehenna
* 12 Baator
* 13 Acheron
* 14 Mechanus
* 15 Arcadia
* 16 Mount Celestia
* 17 Bytopia
* 18 The Transitive Planes
* 19 The Inner Planes

The Outlands

The Outlands is at the centre of the Great Wheel and has the Spire at its centre, with the torus of Sigil floating above it. Around the 'edge' of the Outlands stand the gate-towns, primary access points to the respective Outer Planes. Clockwise from 'top', these are:

* Ecstasy - gate-town to Elysium
* Faunel - gate-town to The Beastlands
* Sylvania - gate-town to Arborea
* Glorium - gate-town to Ysgard
* XaOs or xAos or XAoS - gate-town to Limbo
* Bedlam - gate-town to Pandemonium
* Plague-Mort - gate-town to The Abyss
* Curst - gate-town to Carceri
* Hopeless - gate-town to The Grey Waste
* Torch - gate-town to Gehenna
* Ribcage - gate-town to Baator
* Rigus - gate-town to Acheron
* Automata - gate-town to Mechanus
* Fortitude - gate-town to Arcadia
* Excelsior - gate-town to Mount Celestia
* Tradegate - gate-town to Bytopia


Alignment: Neutral Good
The plane of ultimate goodness. Has four layers, though the third one is currently barred from access:
1. Amoria
2. Eronia
3. Belierin
4. Thalasia

The Beastlands

Alignment: Chaotic/Neutral Good
The untamed side of nature. Has three layers:
1. Krigala
2. Brux
3. Karasuthra


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Individuality is the key in the planar home of the elves and the Greeks. Has three layers:
1. Arvandor
2. Aquallor/Oceanus
3. Mithardir/Pelion


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Good
Honour and battle between the Norse and the giants. Has three layers:
1. Ysgard
2. Muspelheim
3. Nidavellir


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Swirling mass of soupy chaos-stuff. No 'layers' but individual sites often have a semblance of stability.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Evil
Howling winds scour the plains and tunnels of this noisome plane. Has four layers:
1. Pandesmos
2. Cocytus
3. Phlegethon
4. Agathion

The Abyss

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Home of the demons and their ever-warring masters. Has too many layers to recount here. Here on the other hand...


Alignment: Chaotic/Neutral Evil
The Red Prison of the Titans and other undesirables. Has six layers:
1. Othrys
2. Cathrys
3. Minethys
4. Colothys
5. Porphatys
6. Agathys

The Gray Waste

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Realms of death and apathy conversely play host to the Blood War. Has three layers:
1. Oinos
2. Niflheim
3. Pluton


Alignment: Lawful/Neutral Evil
Volcanic plane and home to the mercenary yugoloths. Has four 'layers':
1. Khalas
2. Chamada
3. Mungoth
4. Krangath


Alignment: Lawful Evil
Double-dealing home of the devils and the Lords of the Nine. Has nine layers:
1. Avernus
2. Dis
3. Minauros
4. Phlegethos
5. Stygia
6. Malbolge
7. Maladomini
8. Cania
9. Nessus


Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Evil
Battle rings amongst the cubes, mainly between the goblins and the orcs. Has four layers:
1. Avalas
2. Thuldanin
3. Tintibulus
4. Ocanthus


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Clockwork plane of ultimate order; home to the modrons and formians. Has only the one unnamed layer.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Good
Plane of peace and calmness. Nominally has three layers but the third has 'disappeared':
1. Abellio
2. Buxenus
3. Menausus

Mount Celestia

Alignment: Lawful Good
Home of the celestials as well as the dwarves and halflings. Has seven layers:
1. Lunia
2. Mercuria
3. Venya
4. Solania
5. Mertion
6. Jovar
7. Chronias


Alignment: Lawful/Neutral Good
Industrious and mountainous, home of the gnomes. Has two layers:
1. Dothion
2. Shurrock

The Transitive Planes

Coming soon...

The Inner Planes

The Inner, or Elemental, Planes comprise 18 single-layer planes that some greybeards believe are the building block of the multiverse. This total comprises 4 'Primary' Elements, 2 Energy Planes, 4 Paraelemental Planes and 8 Quasielemental Planes which break down as:

Primary Elements
Air, Water, Earth, Fire

Positive, Negative

Magma, Smoke, Ice, Ooze

Positive Quasielementals
Mineral, Radiance, Lightning, Steam

Negative Quasielementals
Ash, Dust, Salt, Vacuum