This section covers the known and referenced lands encountered to date in OKS.

Argentis Unity, The - Federation of allied provinces in the Western Ocean and a shining example of civilisation with stable and progressive governance. Overall strong economically and militarily though individual provinces vary. The figurehead ruler is called the Silver Prince after a local hero and makes his capital at Onyx.
Charveth - Mercenary nation that has developed on the northern coast of the remnants of Saigoth. Matriarchal monarchy of Dragon-bloods, the current ruler is Queen Black Pearl Omari. Noted sailors and warriors, they offer their services as shipping protection in the area.
Embered Isles, The - A constituent province of the Argentis Unity and its southernmost one (and arguably one of its most independent ones). Consists of a group of 14 main inhabited islands with its capital at Risen Cove on the island of Spirevale. Noted exporter of food and raw materials, particularly ore.
Jade Heart Sodality - In its previous incarnation of Oprandis, this nation was an ally of Syrannova, though the world upheavals changed much of that. Now ruled by a People’s Council of military Dragon-Bloods, the state is fairly insular. Has significant jade deposits.
Oberon’s Isle - Small independent island that is home to many fae-bloods, especially refugees from other places, following various Wyld incursions. Noted for its large timber reserves, medicinal plants and horticultural expertise.
Rotagut - Independent city-state on a mountainous island in the Western Ocean. Disreputable and loud, is widely considered a ‘pirate port’, especially because it is frequented by a number of Lintha captains.
Sonos - Small, reclusive island state that runs on tribal lines and are followers of the local sea-god Os-Triton. Mostly fisherfolk.
Syrannova - Large island nation in the Western Ocean, recently reinstated to a Solar monarchy following the return of its heir-designate. Noted for its engineering and manufacturing prowess.