Of Kaleidoscopic Stratagems

In the Beginning…
Rock. Steel. Blackness and screaming. Reptilian shrieks and the flash of searing gold. The scent of
death. Dark deeds under starlight banners.

These are the impressions you get as you come to, rising from a slumber of indeterminate time. Your
minds is fuzzy.

Hang on… minds?!

Of Kaleidoscopic Stratagems is a new sandbox‐style campaign, run by Oneiros, using the Exalted campaign setting. Loosely.

The characters will be starting as pseudo‐amnesiacs but will quickly realise two things:
1. There are two Exaltations sharing the same body!
2. This world is not as they thought.

Though they will not be able to remember much of the specifics without a degree of prompting, they do recall a world of light and peace, of adventure sought at their behest, of stability and comfort.

They will be presented with a gameworld that will vary substantially to that as presented in the Exalted setting books. Some of the material will be familiar but even where there is familiarity there is likely to be modification. Many of the events taken as standard in Creation’s history have not/did not take place. In game terms, their personalities and attitudes (at least initially) would be as characters present in the High First Age of Creation (e.g. Solars are the superior race, given the Creation‐Ruling Mandate by the Unconquered Sun, the Terrestrial Exalted are your loyal soldiers and assistants, etc.).

The links below provide access to various resources for the campaigns.