Part Four

Cleverly realising that when a powerful Celestial God is after you, the best thing to do is go to Yu Shan, the home of that same powerful Celestial God, the plucky solars con their way into Heaven via Nexus.

Once there, they are able to hang around just long enough to completely fail to ascertain the location of the God in question before they are contacted by a Mysterious Stranger. The Mysterious Stranger points out that most people in Yu Shan want to kill the solars, and informs them of a nefarious alliance between The God (who is now in Creation) Hedron The essence 7 Lunar and The Realm to destroy Tredemin. The Mysterious Stranger is confident that the solars can handle these threats for the next season without any more help and sends them packing. The good news is that if they do so Tredemin will be hidden from its would-be attackers and, more importantly, moved to a much more conventient location closer to shops and transport.

Hedron seems awol and the solars forget about The God so, after stripping the military dictatorship Maluka of its military and taking them to Tredemin, it's time to take to delay the 3 legions for 3 months.

Phase one is propoganda - unfortunately the solars are found and have to flee, with barely enough time to kill one dragonblood and loot his body. 1-0.Phase two is poison, which works fairly well. The score is about 301-0. Phase 3 is supply the city with mysterious barrels of inflammable good and then ask a fire elemental to blow up a large portion of said city. 901-0. Phase 4 is disease, which is unfortunately contained within a few days 1001-0. Phase 5 is dropping a sentient mountain on half the city. 11,001-0

In retaliation one of The City's own Mysterious Strangers forces 3 fire elementals to dive bomb Tredemin and unleashes his own significantly more deadly plague on the city, leading to the death of about 5,000 people in total. However, none of them had names so that was ok.

With only a few weeks left Hedron is now ready to attack but is diverted by a party held in his honour at the powerful pro-solar lunar Ursula Sky Bear's palace. Also, the fact that he was proven to be dealing with The Realm.

Hedron leaves The Silver Pact but he's been delayed long enough to buy The Msterious Stranger enough time to move the city. Hooray!