GO - The Story So Far

Here are links to the articles containing the story of Golden Opportunity so far.

Part One
What happened before the first session as far as the characters are concerned, written by BSR.

Part Two
What happened in the first couple of sessions, mostly written by Learned Hand.

Part Three
The subsequent events, including the story of Maluka. Large contributions from Learned Hand, Onerios and a little from Cardinal Sin.

Interlude One
A personal interlude featuring Raiden and written by Cardinal Sin.

Part Four
A briefer summary this time. The conclusion of story one, the campaign against Greyfalls. Written by Learned Hand.

Part Five
The beginning of story two as the group of Solars split to begin pursuing their individual goals. A little longer as so much is going on. Contributions from Learned Hand, Oneiros and Cardinal Sin.

Part Six
More of the ancient wonders are reclaimed and the Solars continue to wage a hidden war against the Skulls. Written by BSR.

Part Seven
The dual wyld quests are completed in stunning fashion, whilst back in Nexus things go badly wrong in the conflict against the skulls. Written by BSR.

Part Eight
Featuring the story of the Lunars, their nascent kingdom and adventures with the Dragon Kings. Coming Soon.

Part Nine
The solars and lunars are brought together by mysterious dreams, and scatter to the corners of creation to fight a worldwide conspiracy and prevent a dreadful fate. In progress.



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