Golden Opportunity

This is a brief overview of the history of the campaign. You can also check out the Story So Far. Some content has been created for Golden Opp, you can see that here along with our other Exalted content.

Golden Opportunity, also known as GO or Golden Opp, first spawned in the mind of BSR long ago during his final year of university , as he was reaching the end of the first exalted game he ever played. Deciding that he wanted to ST his own Solar based campaign he eventually started whilst studying for his masters.

The first run of the campaign was run under the first edition Exalted rules. The original set of players included several people without cool internet names as well as Learned Hand, Miss Dixie Voom, Alexelf and towards the end Blackrat. Whilst fun the campaign never went hugely well and BSR's STing inexperienced showed. The campaign eventually petered out shortly after the first story.

The story of the campaign involved several heroic mortals being drawn together and finding themselves on an expedition to the east under the leadership of a Dragon Blood. Whilst on this expedition the characters received word of the Empress' disappearance, placing the timing of the game at this stage approximately 5 years earlier than the canonical setting.

The mortals eventually discovered a lost manse. They navigated the traps and hidden areas of the manse, but the Dragon Blood they travelled with fell ill and lost his life to one of the manse's many traps. The mortals found a stash of artifacts and headed back towards civilisation. Somewhere near the hundred kingdoms they ended up running into a Wyld Hunt, simultaneously exalting as Solars. Rescued from the Wyld Hunt by the Cult of the Illuminated they were taken to a training camp. Not much more progress was made before the campaign stopped being run.

After dallying with other projects it was decided to begin Golden Opportunity again, sometime around September/October 2007, under second edition rules. The cast was originally Learned Hand, Blackrat, Oneiros, Johan Denerad and Shrubbery. This lineup went through some teething difficulties that ended with JD and Shrubbery pulling out and Miss Dixie Voom, Grey Wolf and Cardinal Sin being added. Recently the campaign has been expanded to include three Lunar characters played by Johandenerad, Scarlet Harlot and Ulrich.

A little ret-conning was done to the story from Golden Opp 1.0. The characters were not rescued by the Cult of the Illuminated and had to exalt before returning to the manse to retrieve their artifacts. Overall the second edition of the campaign, by BSR at least, is considered to have improved substantially over version 1 and has been very successful so far, especially since it has now been running for well over a year.



The Campaign is currently (Jan 09) approaching the end of it's second story.

Story one 'The Rise and Fall of Tredemin', featured the Solars beginning a small empire in the Hundred Kingdoms, but after overextending themselves they were forced to seek greener pastures.

Story two 'The Old That is Strong Does Not Wither' has seen the Solars, guided by memories of past lives starting to resurface, attempting to reclaim some of the glories left from the first age.

Story three 'From Beneath You, It Devours' has not yet begun. Who knows what new challenges and enemies our heroes may face.

"and towards the end Blackrat"

Oi! I was there from like session 2 :-P


Also Ma'ani is here if you want her:

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