Dead of Night: The Moon in Darkness

You common people of the skies,
What are you when the moon shall rise?

Henry Wotton, "On His Mistress, the Queen of Bohemia".

A short Lunars series to be run in the not-too-distant future by Blackrat. Focussing on secrets and mystery, the characters find themselves at the centre of The Winding Path's most secretive plot yet...


This campaign is part of my crazy symmetrical set, The Cycle of Sun and Moon. The features of this entry in the set are as follows:

Lunar Faction: The Winding Path
Solar Caste: Night
Terrestrial Direction: South (Fire)
Celestial Direction: Up (Yu-Shan)
Exalted Adversary: Sidereals

It is intended to be run in six sessions, each with its own goal, and between which there'll be significant downtime - almost like six consecutive one-shots. Between goals there'll be plenty of bonus experience, so the PCs ought to be very powerful indeed by the final session. Just like the other campaigns in the set, the ultimate goal of the series is world-changing in scale - but unlike the others, the characters don't know what that goal is before the campaign starts. Typically of The Winding Path, you will receive orders and be expected to work out for yourselves the reason they have been given (or just to follow them).

Tone and Content

See "Solar Caste: Night" :-) There'll be plenty of sneaking around, clandestine meetings, midnight rituals in dark places. The characters will need to be cunning and subtle in order to achieve their masters' goals without alerting their enemies and bringing ruin to the Winding Path.

As a result, I'm expecting a reduction in the frequency of combat compared to most Exalted games we play. Of course, it depends on how you approach the challenges you'll face, but there could well be no more than one serious combat every other session - or even no combat at all if you choose to avoid it.

Setting Considerations

Broadly, the campaign starts in the standard Time of Tumult period, i.e. five years after the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress. Due to the significant downtime (exact figures TBD) between sessions, it is likely to move through time at a fair pace, which may result in some departure from the canon setting. I wouldn't expect there to be very significant differences, though.

As well as this, it should be noted that (a) I'm not nearly as well read on the Exalted-verse as you guys are and (b) I already have my own variations on the canon lore anyway. So don't be surprised if something turns up that's different from the way the books tell it - and don't assume I'll agree with you if you describe a feature of the canon setting. My world, my rules ;-)

Players & Characters

Sign-up is now full. Participants: Brave Sir Robin, Learned Hand, Oneiros.

See the Character Generation page for full details of character creation.

And Finally...

This is my first stab at Narrating a RP campaign, so please be gentle. And I apologise in advance for any amateurism :-) Feedback is very much welcomed - I want you guys to enjoy it, so tell me how I can make that happen!