Site Guide

Don't Panic!

This is the Worlds Within Worlds (WwW) site guidebook. Much of the content here is aimed at community members, but there are some things which might be of use to any visitor on the site.

Site Structure

There's two main divisions on the site, Publications and Community. You can find most of the relevant links on the sidebar to the right.


This is where we put up material that has been written by WwW members for use by any roleplayer visiting the site. The roleplay systems and settings we are slowly writing can be found here, along with any more general articles about roleplaying games.
We also have here some adventures we've written (in theory) and some characters we've created. Basically anything that you could use in your own roleplaying game can be found here.


This section is where we put stuff that we use to interact as a community. Much of it is taken up by campaigns run by WwW members, as all that can be found here (assuming they've decided to put it up). You'll find both in and out of character stuff for those campaigns here.
This section also features our forums, for both roleplaying and other conversations, as well as any blogs that are hosted here, and profiles for our users . (If you've signed up why not fill out yours?)
Finally the WwW Blood Bowl League and information relevant to that can also be found in the community section.


Even before signing up you can browse most of the stuff on the site, but if you want to comment on anything, join in on the forums or post your own content you will need to sign up. You can do that on our Join Page.

The site is still being developed so you'll probably be able to find new stuff turning up all the time. Check out the rest of the site guide below if you've already signed up for an account. Start with the new members page.

There are four people behind WwW, if there's anything you need from them you can get in touch with Blackrat, Brave Sir Robin, Learned Hand or Oneiros. If your query is technical in nature your best bet is probably Blackrat, for legal stuff then try Oneiros.


When you're a member a lot more options will open up to you. The amount of options will vary. Someone who doesn't have an account or isn't logged in can see the content but can't do anything else.

When you first sign up you will be able to comment on any content, but you'll have to wait for your comments to be approved by an administrator. However, pretty soon (or through any sneaky tricks like knowing the administrators in the real world) your account will quickly be upgraded so you can comment freely on anything on the site and use the forums.

Members who we trust will be upgraded again and get access to all the other features of the site - mostly that they can post their own content. There's a guide to how to do that and some things to bear in mind here, please do check it out before you post anything.

Please feel free to look around the site and see what you can find. We appreciate contributions and welcome feedback on the site as well. If you want to start adding content - please just check with an admin first, at least for now, so we can suggest where best to put it.

The other exciting things you can do as a member is provide some info about yourself and customise how the site looks to you. If you check out the 'My Account' link - which you should find in the menu to the left - you will see your profile. If you click the Edit link at the top then you can begin to change things.

The first thing you can adjust is your email address. It's a good idea to have one that works and that you check, you can get email alerts sent to this address when you receive private messages, when pages you have subscribed to change or when you want to request a new password. You can also change your password here, which is a good idea if you are new to the site or have just reset it. You can also add an avatar pic here; these can't be very big - note the guidelines.

Lower on this page you can adjust the look of the site, and adjust some of the items you see alongside the site's main content. Most of the tick boxes are pretty self-explanatory (we hope!) - try adding them to see happens and whether they're useful to you. The last check box allows you to control whether people can email you through the website. They won't see your email address, but they can fill out a message that will go to the email address you have provided. We also have a private messaging system, which can be accessed through the "Messages" link in the left-hand sidebar. In general we recommend users don't have a personal contact form, and instead use the private messaging system to send personal communication. (As mentioned above, you can configure this to notify you by email.)

There are also additional tabs you can access at the top of this page and start to fill in some information about yourself. Everything here is totally optional, but check out the profiles of Blackrat and Brave Sir Robin to see the kind of thing that you might want to tell other people on the site about yourself.

Forum Policy

Welcome to the WwW forums! Although much of the site is interactive and encourages discussion, this is the place where the true roiling storm of creative dialogue takes place. That and some really awful puns. Feel free to wade in on almost any topic - the exception is the PbP (play-by-post) section, which is campaign-specific and so should only be used by players in that campaign.

In general, we hope that the forums are easy to use, so we haven't provided much of an instruction manual. However, we have a couple of points of policy of which you should be aware:

1. Play nice.

While we recognise that discussion can get heated sometimes, and we wouldn't want to stem the creative flow, please don't be silly about it. Personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated, and nor will inflammatory, discriminatory or otherwise offensive material. As with any internet forum, please behave as you would talking face-to-face - i.e. with civility and respect for other users. Even if you know a particular user well, and are certain that they wouldn't find your post offensive, this sort of behaviour should be avoided because it sets a bad example for those who don't have that luxury. If you're at all unsure, please err on the side of caution. This point really goes for the site as a whole, and is discussed in more detail in our Terms of Use, but above all use your common sense.

In particular, please remember that we are running this site as a hobby, so we don't necessarily have a whole lot of time to devote to it. It will often be a lot easier for the administrators to simply disable your account than get into a long discussion about whether your use of the forums is appropriate. So if you're being unpleasant, don't be surprised if you don't get any warnings before you're booted off :-)

2. The Kaufman Policy

Named after song-and-dance man Andy Kaufman, famous for (among other things) not breaking character, our Kaufman Policy requests that you refer to real-life people, places and other specific details in an indirect fashion - i.e. in such a way that the relevant users can identify them, but external viewers cannot. For example, users should be referred to by their user name rather than their real name. If necessary, send private messages or emails around to establish a suitable reference name.

It may seem silly or childish to insist that everything be "in code", but please remember that all information on this site is publicly available (e.g. to search engines, as well as everyone else), and many people do not want their real-life details to be made available in that fashion, even if you personally don't care. Therefore we think it's sensible to institute the policy from the very start rather than having to change all content historically when someone raises a legitimate objection. (Of course, there's nothing to stop you using your real name in your user name if you want.)

Incidentally, if Andy Kaufman sounds interesting to you, I'd strongly recommend the film "Man On The Moon" starring Jim Carrey, or the book "Revealed" by Kaufman's partner-in-crime Bob Zmuda.


So if you have come here it means you want to add some of your own content to Worlds Within Worlds. That is fantastic, because it is the whole point of why we are here. This page is supposed to tell you about the different ways we provided content on the site, and some of the options you have when you add a new page to the site.

Firstly, when you post a new page you can add it in a few different ways. The two most common types are articles and book pages. These two are very similar, as a book is simply a collection of linked articles. We recommend that most content probably should be in books - a book will provide linking between different pages automatically and a handy menu to navigate through the book. Articles can be used for content that is unlikely to link to anything else. Most of the content currently on the site is in book form - so far we have used Articles mostly just for Character Sheet posts.

The other types of content you can post are Forum topics, Blog posts and Static Pages. The last of these is again very similar to basic articles, but Static Pages can't be commented on or moved around or recategorised easily in the same way as other content types. We only use Static Pages for legal content, the welcome page, and other similar non-interactive content. We recommend that they aren't used for the most part.

Forum topics should be pretty self-explanatory, if this is the first internet forum you've stumbled across we'd be pretty impressed. We have a guide to our forum policy, which we'd appreciate if you checked out before wading in. Laslty we are able to host blogs here, currently the only one is Here Be Spoilers an infrequently updated blog by Brave Sir Robin on his TV addiction. Due to the way the site is structured these two post styles are also quite similar to general articles. Forum posts will basically be the same as an article with lots of comments and Blogs are a series of articles linked by a front page.

If you add content you'll be presented by a new page. The first thing to enter is a title - you'll need to give one in order to post. Try to keep it relatively short, it'll look neater. You'll also see the input pane a little below this - you can type what you want to say here. Then there are input options, most of which will be collapsed. You can ignore most of these but a couple are quite important. Below we will go through them one-by-one. The last thing to say about the input pane is to note the 'split summary at cursor' button. There are a few places on the site where you can see lists of content, and with these lists they also tend to have a brief snapshot of the article. This snapshot is, by default, the first paragraph, but you can change it by using this button.

The first of the input options is labelled vocabularies. We're still in the process of building the site, so our vocabularies are a bit limited at the moment. In the long term this will be a way to tag any posts so it is clear what category they fall into, and also to affect who can see it. For now, unless you're an admin, it's probably best not to bother. When we have a full set we'll provide some guidance.

The next option is Menu Settings. This is where you can change whether your post appears in the menus on the righthand sidebar, and where it appears too. The options should be fairly obvious, delete means your post won't appear, title is how it will appear in the menu, parent is the item that it will appear under. The one may that may not be so obvious is the weight option. In menus and lists our website orders things by weight - so a low number means it appears at the top of lists, by default things are organised alphabetically.

Those two options appear above the input pane, beneath the input pane you'll find a few more options, the first of these is Input format. Our default format is a filtered html strcuture - which should allow you most of the things you need without getting too complicated. If you know what you're doing you can change to full html here, and write a post just like a normal web page. There is also an option for full php code - please don't use it. Even if you think you know what you're doing, it becomes much harder for us to fix it if you make a mistake.

Next comes Book outline. If your post is part of a book (which a lot of them will be) you can adjust exactly where it appears here. You can specify which book it appears in, as well as a parent item and a weight - similar to above where we mentioned menu settings.

Those two are both collapsed by default - you can open them by clicking. The next one is expanded by default and is Revision information. Similar to a wiki, our website stores previous versions of a page should you choose to edit it. The create new revision box will be checked, in general it is best to leave it that way just in case you've changed something you want to undo easily. We haven't bothered with log messages - for you to explain your change - yet, so there's no need for the time being.

Below that we have URL path settings. This one is crucial and even though it is collapsed by default, almost every post should use this option. If you don't put anything here our website will give your post a URL with our website followed by node, followed by a number. This is very ugly and will make things difficult to find. In this box you can type an alternative URL - we suggest you avoid spaces and punctuation. It will input the but automatically so just put the rest - and you can split it with slashes as normal. DO NOT start with a slash, I have done it and it breaks things and is hard to put right.

Next we have Comment settings. Again, hopefully fairly obvious. You can disable comments on your post altogether, or you can affect it so no more comments from non-admins are allowed. In general we reckon everything should be commentable, so we tend to leave this as is.

Almost at the bottom now, next we have File attachments, which basically does what it says on the tin. Only certain types of file are allowed which are listed below the attach button. Please clear any files with an admin before you upload them.

The penultimate option is Authoring information, here you can adjust the log that the site takes of who uploaded the content and when. There are very few reasons why you might want to do this, so best to leave it alone, the admins may occasionally adjust this for their own reasons such as list management or to adjust permissions.

The final option you have is Publishing options. By default anything you post will be published immediately, but you can turn that off here. Note that your content will still be visible to the admins, but not to anyone else, so consider wisely before using. You can promote your post to the front page here, meaning new visitors to the site will see it there. Feel free to do this, but we'd ask that you only do it for the first/main page of a new section or similar. You can also cause your post to stay at the top of lists - which generally we would recommend against, as our site collects a lot of lists, some of which only we can see and it is a little annoying to have certain things stickied at the top. If you're promoting your post to the front page then please don't sticky it as well. Finally you can select whether or not to send out notifications. At the bottom of most pages there is a subscribe link - which means people can ask the site to email them when something is updated. If you're only making a minor change then you won't want the site to send out any email so uncheck this box if that is the case.

At the very bottom are three buttons. Save, which publishes your post or any changes you have made. Preview, to see what your post will look like on the site but retain the input pane and all the input options in order to make changes. And Delete if you want to delete the post entirely. Please use the preview button, it is normally pretty helpful. And don't forget to check you have entered a URL before you save as well.

Terms Within Conditions

About WwW
Worlds within Worlds (WwW) is a community of like-minded folk come together to share a mutual appreciation of all things imaginative. Our aim is to be an interactive location for members of the community to:
1. share ideas and information;
2. have somewhere to publish, discuss or run gaming resources, materials or campaigns;
3. chat, write or otherwise engage in flights of fancy for mutual enjoyment.

Feel free to browse and hopefully you’ll come across something that piques your interest.

WwW is owned and run by Blackrat, Learned Hand, Brave Sir Robin and Oneiros. If you have any queries, please contact us and one of us will get back to you as soon as we can.

WwW and its management are not responsible for the contents posted by users of these pages. Content may be reviewed prior to or following posting. Nothing on these pages indicates any official sanction by either the site operators or the licence holder of any intellectual property referenced herein.

Gaming systems, settings and all other such material is copyright their respective owners and trademark holders and nothing on these pages is meant to infringe upon those rights. Please do not post copyrighted or trademarked material. Any violations of copyright, as well as other inappropriate content, found on this site can be removed without warning.

If any copyright holder has an issue with any material posted here, please contact us to discuss the matter.

Terms of Use
When posting material either on the main site or in the forums, please ensure you follow these simple instructions:

1. Civility
We’re all friends here, so let’s keep it that way. Please don't engage in personal attacks, name-calling or blanket generalisations in your discussions. Say how you feel or what you think but be careful about ascribing motives to the actions of others or telling others how they “should” think. Engagement and discussion is much more rewarding to taking cheap shots and intimidation.

2. Language
WwW does not employ language or profanity filters. We believe in our users to write coherently and engagingly and not in long strings of obscenities. Unless it’s justified. Seriously though, we’re not going pull someone up on account of swearing (grammar though is a completely different matter… the grammar police are watching…) but just be sensible about it please. It’s possible that we will have minors browsing the site, so best to be aware of that.

We reserve the right to edit or delete any material we think might be discriminatory, inflammatory or just plain offensive though we will seek to engage in constructive discussion in most cases.

3. Referencing
When referencing any content from an ‘official source’ or some material whose copyright you do not hold or have the right to reproduce, please reference the material rather than simply copying it. Book and page references are much appreciated. Do not post the contents of the books themselves. No entry should diminish, even slightly, the necessity of anyone owning the book that is being referenced or the rights of the licence holder.

Your privacy is important here at WwW. Our basic principles are:
• We respect your privacy;
• You control your personal information;
• We do not disclose your personal information to third parties unless we need to do so to fulfill your requests, you expressly tell us to, we believe we are reasonably compelled to do so or we are required to by law.

As a collaborative publishing community, you and we have entered a voluntary relationship for the hosting and provision of material and services. Please use caution when posting material on this site as your posts will be available to the public and may be recorded and stored by anyone.

These pages may contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy policies and⁄or practices of other sites.

We collect and store the information you give us when you become a member of our community. We may also track the number of people who view each page, and other site usage data, in order to inform the quality of service we offer. We may also record statistical information collected on our site to better understand our audience. This information is recorded as anonymous group statistical information and is not connected to any personal information that you provide as a member.

We may vary this or any other policy or terms from time to time. Where changes are material to the user experience, we will aim in most cases to notify all members prior to changes going live.

If you have any queries about the privacy policy or anything else on this page, please drop us a line to discuss it.